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  1. After mining a full inventory, the bot will just stop and not drop ore; on a mac - any ideas?
  2. Hey, @Aropupu I just came back to osrs and purchased this script a few years ago - my purchase was a lifetime purchase. I'm still able to use the script but after around an hour and a half, i'm getting an error message saying maximum instances reached, and the script will simply stop. Any idea on how to solve? EDIT : Appears this isn't an issue on your end rather with the client - see if I san solve :S
  3. I'll make out with you if you add blowpipe support (i,e scale replenishment). Potion purchasing and so fowarth would be cool too!
  4. @Tri Randomization of spec timing could also be epic - Not many legit players spec when an ogre has 3 health left, nor are so vigilant with when the spec is back @ 55%. Let it pop up to 70 every now and then and set a minimum monster % for spec, couple of suggestions
  5. Perhaps just a lower frequency of them or bigger variety, given that I have no friends on my friends list (cries) it's probably not the most logical. Script is running great though homie - 60-70 range in a day, going overnight now will toss up a proggy but hitting 32kxp/hr with breaks @ 70ish range.
  6. How does this work on pures? Assuming 43 prayer would be necessary? And if so does it bank and restock on ppots and so fowarth? Any other prerequisites? Super keen to buy if so
  7. Free or Premium: Premium When did it start: Past few days How often does it occur: Periodically When does it occur: Upon fishing sharks on the northern pier of the fishing guild What is the status of the paint: Flashing between fishing and antiban Console text (if available): n/a Description of the Bug: Periodically when no net spots are available to fish, the bot will just sit there as opposed to changing piers to fish - Not so much a bug more of a performance issue, could be fixed by having both piers monitored and fished. Looks quite bot like as accounts will stand on a tile where there
  8. Any advice on when to switch to sharks for profit over monks? Currently @ 80ish fishing doing monks and getting roughly 260/hour.. Any pros/cons you can advise?
  9. haha gracias senor. Script looks incredible, will be grabbing prem and shooting some dope shark proggies your way.
  10. 'The sale of this script has temporarily been disabled because it has failed to meet the new anti-ban compliance standards set for all premium scripts. At TRiBot, we are committed to reducing the ban rate, and are taking the necessary steps to do so.' I VANT TO PUCHASE LE SCRIPT NAO D-:
  11. Yo - Small issue with unwieldable pickaxes for low levels. Getting auto banked if on a lower level whom can't wield the pick due to attack level so bot bugs out. apart from that. NAICE.
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