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  1. Sil3nt

    Buying 20M

    Drop me a pm ill b back on in about a half hour
  2. Sil3nt

    Buying 20M

    Looking for a decent price, paid via pp 20M 07**
  3. Sil3nt


    Buying bond pm me please
  4. Sil3nt

    Buying a few bonds

    Thanks for the heads up, just looking to buy 3-5
  5. Its not an rs account broksi
  6. Curious if anyone would be intersted in a league of legends account and how much they would be willing to pay. If it comes down to a sale the full details of whats on the acc will be supplied but to make this short its gold and has 15+ skins ( Astro Teemo being my fav , including discontinued, 7 rune pages with a shit ton of runes and some ward skins. Leave a comment or send me a pm thanks for the input. Note: Would be looking for 07Gp
  7. Sil3nt

    Selling Gift Card

    25$ Future Shop Gift Card, looking for around 10M. Open to offers , Leave me a PM ( Note: You can make purchases online )
  8. Currently a 30 day proxy is 5-8$ from reputable people. So around 3-4M ish divided by 30 would be roughly 200-300k per day so thats a pretty accurate price range. Not sure what your costs are
  9. Try messaging Dax, yohojo or ericho they can probly make the transaction happen asap.
  10. Sil3nt

    Old Points

    Username: Sil3nt Reason: ( Disrespect of Authority ) Was using one of USA's newly added premium scripts around November 2013 and long story short i ended up dieing for like 80M or something on 3-4 accs and i wrongfully sent him a message on forums demanding a refund and the money back i lost which was childish. At the time 2 years ago i didint stop and think before i acted, thats one thing ive learnt to do through my mistakes. After the incident i posted a public apology which USA has already accepted but either way it was wrong of me to "rage" if you will without thinking it was possibly me running the script 24/7 that made the coding fail and got me killed. Issuing authority: USA Points: 4 Warning Points Explanation: Its been over 2 years since the incident and i believe ive grown since then and have changed my thinking process. I;m able to reconize when i'm in the wrong and am able to accept that. I've learnt alot about bans since then also and know that scripts have a minimal impact on the banning process. I hope we can put this pasts us USA, my apologies again man. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to this Sil3nt @Usa
  11. Title says it , PM me please
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