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  1. Finally hit some luck at the duel arena this week. As the title states I am selling 127M 07 (Could be more possibly). Looking for a decent rate, not selling to resellers as i want to maximise my profit. Also would prefer selling all to one person, however I can sell in smaller chunks. No time wasters please. Only accepting paypal. Not going first unless i deem you trusted. If you feel safer, we can do increments but nothing ridiculous. Add me on skype: Mrleague1
  2. As the title states, looking to purchase around 40M 07 gold. Payment is made via verified paypal. Looking for a decent price. PM me your rates with Skype. No time wasters please.
  3. BloodFlavor


    Is this negotiable?
  4. Looking to purchase around 40M via paypal as the title states. Looking for a good price. PM me as that alerts me quickest as it me an email.
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