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  1. My bot is working, but, i used to get like 1500/hr now im only getting 1200 at best. Using glories and the three best pouches(im over 75 rc.) and have 80 agility. Is the script naturally slower now?
  2. when did this become a 4chan board 3/10 made me post
  3. Just purchased, and when starting it makes my items turn into men/skulls/rocks... Even after stopping the script the img stays. Any idea?
  4. [00:54:35] java.lang.NullPointerException[00:54:35] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.withdrawItem(y:118)[00:54:35] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.bank(y:2614)[00:54:35] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.run(y:1309)[00:54:35] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[00:54:35] Script Ended: USA Abyss Runecrafter.Got this a few times now. Any ideas USA?
  5. is there anyway to get a download not from the repository? mine doesnt seem to work.
  6. Dont have a CombatAIO folder in my tribot folder. When i click save, it does nothing. How can i solve this?
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