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  1. IIRC minimum farming level is 34 unforunately I don't have that so if I end up doing some farming I may work on this and release it for free. Would be pretty basic and no humidify, etc
  2. Tri Combat Premium has a bug in it where it wont use low alch ( lovely lmao, can be changed to high level alch very easily ) so I made this. Nothing really done to be anti-ban. Wouldn't recommend tons of usage. Tested for like 30 minutes and it worked flawlessly. PUT your cannon DOWN before starting and I'd recommend being in a safe spot because it wont eat or anything. You'll also need to manually replace the item id you're alching. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/33e6b508e3af737c309b233efba74c49
  3. I genuinely had to pause the video and check replies to see if I was listening to another language.
  4. I made a really quick teaker for ape atoll, seems to work better than I could get any of the premium cutters to do. (I have all of them), super basic and has no ABC specific stuff. BTW: This wont work unless you can woodcut without a greegree, the animation with greegree is still -1 so I didn't know how I could check if we were cutting or not while holding a gree gree. Credits: to the guy who made the code snippet for shift dropping, too lazy to find thread again I'm sorry. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7c985d7b5c024bbb013ebd9890371d67
  5. Sorry for being a little vague. It's not an error message. It just /will not/ click it. It doesn't even make a click of any kind like it has no idea what push is and any other FOSS stuff I've looked at seems like its doing exactly what I was doing. Also my While is checking if the plough is there everytime it start so that is good enough for me. EDIT: I've started setting the camera angle to view from the top hard which is really shitty for antiban and I'd like to get this working :/
  6. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/75106a561eff3fd8794bce64fd868368 If i use that code to push the plough it doesn't work but if I switch to RSObject.click() it works fine. Can anyone provide some input?
  7. looking to pay with paypal or btc lmk skype: live:obnoxious_16
  8. I am selling TRiBOT credits for OS:GP and RS Membership cards/bonds. Discuss price with me I'll prob give you a good deal! Skype: obnoxdocks email: [email protected]
  9. Any reasonable amount of creds for some rs membs. Will go first if seller is trusted. PM me Skype: obnoxdocks email: [email protected]
  10. The script tends to fuck up more than others on randoms? or it might just because I've been getting a lot of tele randoms lately. If in combat it will try to log out and obviously fail and then not try against regardless of being in combat. Some things that might need to be worked on.
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