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  1. While I haven't executed the script actually *fishing* yet, it was able to start up. Thanks a lot!
  2. I've got them both updated to 8.121. I'm not sure which I'm "using." I've gone through tutorials before where I've changed it but it's honestly been a while. I'm just getting back to Tribot. Can you point me in the right direction?
  3. Hey, I noticed someone else was having the same problem. I'm on Mac and every time I run the script it just freezes. My OS and Java are up to date. I used to love this script -- I'd really appreciate any help! Thanks! Let me know if I can provide more info.
  4. Hey, just wondering if you've fixed the burner issue with own houses? I'm actually in no rush...it's just hard to tell since no one's commented about it yet. Thanks!
  5. EDIT: Of course, after writing this, I found that it appears to be a known client bug. Sorry for bothering you, and I shall be patiently waiting for it to be fixed! Thanks again for the script. Highly recommended, to anyone reading this. Hey @erickho123 Script's been running flawless as of late, but today I noticed that when world hopping, for my username it just types in "auto-relog" and fails to do anything else. I don't know if this is a client issue (though I looked through several threads trying to find the issue), so forgive me if it is, but I thought I'd leave this here... Addit
  6. I'm just wondering if anyone knows that if you have the agility level and medium fally diaries done, does it take the shortcut or no? Thanks in advance!
  7. @Leespiker his name is "Banknote Exchange Merchant" He is literally like right next to the general store guy. You have to click the noted item, then him, then "exchange all" for it to work.
  8. It's a pretty good script...Though it could use an update to unnote food without the general store...makes it look very bot-ish since there's unnoter guy right next to him that is much cheaper @Leespiker is this possible?
  9. Update: Tribot client update 3.014 seemed to solve this problem. (Or Spiker did and is too humble to say so ;P) either way, highly recommended script!
  10. @Leespiker I'm going to bed for tonight but if you need any other info I will do my best to give it to you...just let me know. I'm not trying to be someone who complains about the script in an unhelpful way. It's worked very well for me up to this point. Thanks!
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