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  1. @Tabinhu I meant that when I want to set this script up on multiple vps'es I'll need to give acces to different functions, for example the auto responder. I was asked to give permission to connect to www.pandorabots.com the 1st time it was used, but sometimes It'll not use it for hours, and I can't wait for hours on every client until the acces menu pops up, do you understand the problem now?
  2. 1 side note @Usa , could you make an option to give all permissions at once at the start of the script? Sometimes it needs a permission while running for the response database and this is a slight nuissance when running this on multiple vps'es.
  3. For some reason it is very slow with right clicking dragons right now, 80% of the time it just waits until it is attacked by the green dragon, Also the green circle around the drake is gone?
  4. @Perfectius I was just thinking about such a script 15 minutes ago after I ran USA's green dragon killer, seems like a good idea to me, I support this.
  5. Holy fucking shit the autoresponder is nice, is the script aware of all other script users in the area before it makes chat attempts/responses from http://pandorabots.com/? Edit: Would like to report a banking bug, after getting pk'ed it doesn't re-equip my starting gear, it keeps spamming we're missing a weapon and we're missing a shield, the weapon is rune scimitar and the shield is the anti-dragon shield, am I the only one with this bug?
  6. Gonna test today boy. edit: Can't download the script, debug just shows downloading 'USA dragon killer' , GUI never shows up, has the debug period ended? edit: nvm works good now, gonna try to get some long proggies.
  7. Nope, that's what you get for running free scripts dumbass.
  8. Will buy as soon as you add support for range safe spots, might get a lifetime sub if safe spotting is decently implemented. @modulusfrank12
  9. I've tried some and I believe centos 6 let's you squeeze the most out of your hardware, just look around and experiment a bit, most VPS providers let you switch distro's for free and reinstallation takes like what, 6-8 minutes?
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