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  1. All good man! sorry about that, i just had to remove the room below the trap door. fixed now.
  2. Assumed thats what it was, so i built a staircase and still nothing
  3. Great SCript, used for bunch different things but decided to do Oak doors in the dungeon and it just says getting room coords and doesn't do anything
  4. I Did a test run with the two hour trial, and everything worked fine so i purchased it, now when i start it.. it freezes and just stands there but all the other scripts i have work fine.. its just this one i cant use.
  5. Same problem, error thing pops up and just keeps ending bot, i have fire giant task and all gear they dont require anything, but i have all gear.
  6. worxthekid

    edge pking?

    its still alive, id try out pvp worlds. they seem alot more active with 100s+
  7. Looking to buy gold, I can pay paypal or western union. Please Contact me Skype WorxtheKid
  8. Bought 20m! Amazing seller. SUPER FAST Really Reliable! will continue business
  9. Hello im interested in purchasing 20m please contact me
  10. Watch out for scammers like this. Dont go to the website its a phisher.
  11. yeah I do. where could i get a usb version of windows 7 :/
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