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  1. mrstui

    intense lagg

    nothing that I have noticed i'll try running a different script It doesn't lagg before running the script, I have tried rebooting script/PC. Edit: Doesn't lagg with any other script just TRI's Script state's script state NULL and freeze's can't even copy and paste bot/client debug
  2. mrstui

    intense lagg

    reccomended set up? using tri's combat & mage as soon as i start script i lagg so much it's insane it's the only thing opened on my PC no other program while it's running laggs just client + runescape if i open say osbuddy it'll work fine while tribot laggs and freezes up. PC specs I5 processor NVVIDIA GeForce 920M 2GB Vram 8GB DDR3 Shouldn't have any problems trying to run one script lol any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. everytime i set up one bot it laggs to the extreme with this script? not a pc problem i've got an i5 and 8gb ram on this spare pc. Edit: Bot runs fine on other scripts, bot will come up with script status "NULL" then will proceed to not respond unable to get bot debug/client debug because it freezes shortly after? would love some assistance as i've owned this script for 1-2 years with no issues Edit: See that I own the old version that was meant to be an lifetime auth? is the old version now un supported does that mean I get authorization to this script?
  4. While stun alching in Mage guild dungeon keeps runnig back and forth ect trying to attack other zombies with stun/alch reducing exp per hour.. also keeps trying to go in the gate Stun Alching definitely needs a bit of a tweak
  5. love this guide have since brought a vps and now have 4 mining bots running mlm until i make enough cash to buy rc bots
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