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  1. Zajarman

    Close Thread :p

    How much gp/h is this if you sell for 2k ea?
  2. Still gets stuck while trying to pick up herbs through walls sometimes.
  3. figured out the problem. it cant click an herb through the wall and it waits until that herb dissapears before the bot keeps going. thanks for a fix if possible
  4. Yeah sometimes the script is running but is simply standing in the room with the men. in the paint it says Script State: Nothing
  5. Bot sometimes will get stuck while trying to pick up an herb through a wall and doesnt rotate the camera to be able to see the herb. Or atleast it takes awhile
  6. I read the main post but didnt see any new information on the update. What happened? Great script edit: Nevermind I saw it! Thanks a bunch
  7. Would be nice if it banked when it had a full inventory of herbs, rather than when it is out of food
  8. Got the rep after all the kids want a leaked snape script and got angry. thanks for your input though
  9. 07rsgp isn't more than 1$/Mil. Also, if you arent happy with the price then make your own, dont flame on this thread. Reported again
  10. Ive tried to pm you back but your account is private and I cant send you pms. This is a complete lie, not sure why you're so upset you can't afford the script but don't post obvious misinformation. Reported edit: omg he changed his post saying hed be selling his version of the script lol! thats ridiculous.
  11. Due to a couple people not responding about winnng the auction there are still a few copies left
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