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  1. We offer 3 packages, all packages come with the following things pre-installed: Windows 10 Java Google Chrome Firefox Dreambot You will get acces through a Remote Desktop Connection (rdp) which we will setup for you. Ordering can be done through discord: Server: https://discord.gg/jzwNzED User: Nex#8648 (UID: 109992979057373184) We accept most crypto & rsgp. (Paypal for trusted users) We currently offer the following packages: Bronze Server CPU: Intel Core i7-4770 (or equiv) RAM: 8 GB Can run: ~12 bots $40/Month
  2. Super fast questing!
    Super easy to communicate with!
    tyvm 10/10

  3. Alrite seeing more and more of you getting hacked i thought it made this lil guide - How NOT to get hacked. - Do NOT accept any files you are not sure off what it is specially .exe files. - Do not log into fake site's always check the URL - Have a different password for everything - Make sure this password doesn't contain: Birthday, Family names, pet names (best password are: 5b4m2b5q34 < as example) - Change your password ever 2 months ish (this will prevent old database leaks to give out your password) - Help ive been hacked!! Most c
  4. MNO

    Sell 300m 07 1.1

    as title says Sell 300m 1,1$/mill BTC only or paypal for trusted members limited amounts. - fees on you u can get bitcoins here: /www.coinbase.com My skype: real.sysm
  5. Hi we can do this add my skype: real.sysm
  6. why buy vip trial.. lol may aswell buy month then
  7. If your able to get BTC i can sell u all of it.
  8. Adding feedback isn't on profile very confusing for costumers. No feedback under avatar in posts. When liking a post you cant see who liked it anymore No bump button @Usa @TRiLeZ
  9. what does this mean? if its that they bought all for 4h limit that not possible deffo didnt reach it.
  10. common used scripts have high ban simple :/ sucks but its true
  11. MNO

    Content Count

    or twitch had to much post count and broke the system QQ
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