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  1. We offer 3 packages, all packages come with the following things pre-installed: Windows 10 Java Google Chrome Firefox Dreambot You will get acces through a Remote Desktop Connection (rdp) which we will setup for you. Ordering can be done through discord: Server: https://discord.gg/jzwNzED User: Nex#8648 (UID: 109992979057373184) We accept most crypto & rsgp. (Paypal for trusted users) We currently offer the following packages: Bronze Server CPU: Intel Core i7-4770 (or equiv) RAM: 8 GB Can run: ~12 bots $40/Month
  2. Super fast questing!
    Super easy to communicate with!
    tyvm 10/10

  3. MNO

    Sell 300m 07 1.1

    as title says Sell 300m 1,1$/mill BTC only or paypal for trusted members limited amounts. - fees on you u can get bitcoins here: /www.coinbase.com My skype: real.sysm
  4. Hi we can do this add my skype: real.sysm
  5. If your able to get BTC i can sell u all of it.
  6. what does this mean? if its that they bought all for 4h limit that not possible deffo didnt reach it.
  7. or twitch had to much post count and broke the system QQ
  8. think they cleaned some sht up i lost PC aswell
  9. lol if they own it they just spawn gold xD, also ye i think there gonna sell gold aswell if they buy it...
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