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  1. If you're starting out I'd suggest investing in the top 5 biggest coins on coinmarketcap's website. If you are really worried about losing your money/the legitimacy of crypto then I'd suggest Bitcoin or Ethereum. The other coins are for higher gain potential/higher loss potential. I invested in a coin and gained 8k usd but I was also invested in others that lost me 6k. There is no handbook that says invest in this exact coin this exact day for this amount of profit. It's not like runescape where you can bot fishing and get an expected profit from it. Things you can try: 1. Online research of a coin to see if they have any new projects coming out and look at professionals views of the coin you're interested in. 2. Look at the Market Cap of that coin. If it has a low MC then you're taking more of a risk for the coin to flop/more of a risk for it to skyrocket. (easier for a small coin to disappear than a bigger one and it's easier for a small coin to grow than a coin that may have reached its potential) 3. Be prepared to lose all of the money you invest. This goes for any form of gambling/investments. If you're not willing to lose it, don't do it. Having money in your bank can be way more valuable than losing thousands of dollars investing in worthless virtual coins.
  2. Before spending money on any product in the world you should look into what you're planning to buy. If there are known risks and you experience one of them, that's on you. When you say, "I paid to get my stats not to get banned" it makes it seem like you need to learn some life lessons regarding finances before you lose a lot of money on something more serious than gaming.
  3. would like to use your TOR tribot service, please send me a PM when you get the chance. do you have a skype?

  4. idc

    Script Dispute

    Link to script's thread: Link Price you paid for script: $8 ($16 total) How many auths you bought: 2 Date purchased: 15th of May 2015 Proof that you have tried contacting the owner and that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: Daxmagex told me to contact TRiLeZ about it since he doesn't have control over the repo. I PM'd TRiLeZ and waited a couple days. Nothing. I then PM'd USA who also said TRiLeZ has to be the one to fix it. USA added TRiLeZ to the group in the PM's as well. After a couple days...still not fixed. Details of what exactly is wrong with the script, please supply any debugs or evidence you may have as well: It's a long story, but basically I had 2 instances of the script. After buying unlimited, it replaced my 2 instances with infinite. Daxmagex refunded me my infinite purchase which the repo saw as infinite - infinite = 0. I still need to have 2 instances and I do not.With all that said, I would like to be refunded so that I get my money back. I will then repurchase the scripts. I feel like this is the best solution as I wasn't even able to use the scripts but for a couple days since I bought them anyways.
  5. Change the target hosts to have nothing in it (Any) and that will be correct.
  6. The proxy is being used for Tribot.org connections. Tribot has issues when you start the client loader with IP x and use IP y for future tribot.org connections. You need to make a rule in proxifier to state *tribot.org connections need to be direct. Make sure that rule is at the top to show it's #1 priority. Let me know if that fixed your problem.
  7. idc

    Lizard Squad live DDOS

    They muted Savaged on stream in the new one. Now he says he's taking RS down for a bit. Oh well.
  8. Same thing happened with me with daxmagex's elite blast furnace script. It's a bug in the repository I think. :/
  9. idc

    how NOT to bot

    He's just running a suicide goldfarm. And to people calling him selfish and stuff, some people are selfish and no they don't care. It's not against the rules to be report people on rs either.
  10. idc

    Analyzing CPU Usage

    I made a batch file with this: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_45\bin\ start jconsole.exe -pluginpath "C:\Users\x\Downloads\topthreads-1.1.jar" Once I ran that it worked just fine.
  11. idc

    Tribot wont login (help

    Try a different script. It's probably a script error that you can try reporting to the script writer.
  12. It seems as though TRiBot tunnels runescape.com connections made by a process specified by LG to be tunneled through a proxy you have set up in the proxy window in the startup box. Once you have the process open, the tab in chrome, you can then have TRiBot tunnel it through your proxy. With that being said, yes you can have multiple tabs opened in chrome with a different proxy for each tab granted that you also have another LG tab in your TRiBot client to attach to it.
  13. I think it would be more helpful for those who are already inclined to script. Encouraging new scripters would require more rewards for being one I would imagine.
  14. Only RuneScape Connections Go Through the Proxy You won't have to worry about the TRiBot server blocking connections from certain proxies. You also won't have to worry about scripts no showing up in the script selector after a while, script instances dying, or any of the common issues brought along by proxies. This is because connections to the TRiBot server no longer go through the proxy.THANK YOU!
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