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  1. Price per million: $1,40 (depend on amount) My skype: kluggy.tb
  2. I am looking to sell a nice amount of 07 for btc! Prices of: $1,30/M My skype: kluggy.tb
  3. LOOKING TO BUY GOLD AT COMPETITIVE PRICES! All prices are discussable, pm me for skype and we can start from there!
  4. Looking to sell gold for btc. Price: Discussable. Get it while it is cheap! For all your needs pm me, we can have a nice and fast deal!
  5. damn i tired by my ADHD caused me to lose focus before the 8 minutes was up, not sure if i'm going to be much use for this
  6. hosted where? your a retard not to post this? and for this price it's obviously a scam. thanks kid
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