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  1. Also having problems when I start the script, the GUI loads, but then when I press Start to begin the script, it doesn't do anything with GUI still up. Might want to take a look @Einstein
  2. Just Relative Agility. I just checked Woodcutting, and args seem to be working but Relative Agility is not.
  3. I tried that, but it doesn't seem to be working? It just opens up the GUI and does not do anything.
  4. @Einstein Hey, I'm trying to figure out the argument commands for your Woodcutting and Agility script but can't seem to get it to work. What exactly is the arguments for both scripts? Is it profile:profilename? settings:profilename? profilename? Thanks.
  5. @HeyImJamie Thanks for the adding the prayer features. Will test them out soon. Another feature to add if you don't mind: For Imp Catcher, instead of using an Amulet of Glory, if we have in the bank/inventory a Necklace of Passage, use that instead to teleport to Wizards Tower. It is a faster teleport shortcut than Amulet of Glory.
  6. What's the script arg for enabling Stamina Potions? Yes, I am sure about the gates with the keys. You can test it out yourself to confirm. Is there any chance you can add using Prayer like Protect from Melee option for Waterfall Quest? It will solve a lot of deaths that can occur and improve the smoothness of that quest significantly.
  7. 1.) I'll try and get a print next time. 2.) Boxing a rat is going to be prone to a ton of misclicks and errors, I think the simplest solution would be (if you have 43 Prayer) to use Protect from Melee. 3.) It tries to move by clicking the minimap, but it clicks on the part of the minimap where it is blacked out, and so it doesn't actually register until after a couple of tries. By the time it figures it out, it runs around getting hit and due to eating priority problems, it dies faster. This was in Glorial's cave (Collecting Necklace and Urn) I strongly, strongly recommend adding the Prayer option. Idk how difficult it would be to add, but if you do please lmk the ETA. Will purchase script then. As for now, I think a strong amount of babysitting is necessary because of the deaths that occurs.
  8. @HeyImJamie Ran the trial and did the Waterfall Quest. Here's some feedback: 1.) Why does the script keep shutting down every time it goes to the GE? I don't know what causes this but I had to restart my script multiple times just for it to finish Waterfall Quest. 2.) Eating needs to be improved. Dies quite frequently because it prioritizes other actions when it needs to eat. Especially for low levels that need to eat pretty much anytime they get hit. This is especially a problem at Glorial's Tomb, when you enter the cave with the Pebble. It prioritizes opening chest and Urn, without it even eating, always dying here. 3.) When inside Glorial's Tomb, you should prioritize movement by the Minimap instead of field-of-view. Makes movement less gimmicky and prone to problems. 4.) Messes up at Fire Giants Cave, when using key to enter through the 2 doors. It goes through the 2 doors, then tries to come back out. Had to manually intervene. 5.) For all the locked doors, as long as you have the keys in your inventory, you don't need to click the key to the door to unlock it. I'm pretty sure you can just click the door. 6.) Since this is a NMZ quester, you have leveling Prayer to 43 possible. You should have a feature where you can enable Protect from Melee to complete certain quests. For example, this would be a life-saver for Waterfall quest if you can turn Protect from Melee on before entering Glarial's Tomb and in Fire Giants Cave. It will minimize deaths significantly.
  9. @testing1 Any chance you can add Stamina Potion support? Ex: Waterfall Quest? Also, how is Mountain Daughter coming along? EDIT: Waterfall Quest: When it needs to use the key to open Goulrie's gate to enter, it got attacked and got low enough HP for ABC eating to get triggered. But it had selected the key to open Goulrie's door, yet instead because of eating, it kept clicking the key to the lobster. You should change it so that it just clicks the gate. You don't need to click the key and then click the gate. As long as you have the key in your inventory, you can just click on the gate to enter.
  10. @Optimus Can you please take a look at the bot accepting and moving forward with messages that you receive after you level up? For example, when you are cannoning and you reach a Slayer level of 5, you receive a message saying that you have reached level 5 Slayer, but also right after it, you get another message stating that you can now kill Crawling Hands. The bot does not know how to handle this, and it just freezes and idles at this stage, with that message stuck on the chatbox as it does not know how to proceed. This stops the entire bot from continuing. (Assuming you do not have auto-retaliate on and is safe-spotting)
  11. @Aropupu Never had this problem occur to me before. I have been using same settings for weeks. First time running into this problem. https://i.gyazo.com/48861412faa809ec8ae82c8f9a6efc8d.mp4
  12. @Netami Can you implement a feature where it saves the last run settings? It's kind of annoying having to re-enter all the options over again each time. Thanks.
  13. With this Thursday's update it seems that Jagex changed the menu screen option so that when you get logged out due to AFK or a disconnect, you are given a new prompt. The bot doesn't seem to be able to handle this properly to log back in. Please pass this along for the devs to a look at @Fluffee Thank you.
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