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  1. @FALSkills Any chance you could add ZMI Altar paths please?
  2. @Ark There's a bug where the script is getting confused on the amount of food vs. Prayer Potions it needs to withdraw. When settings are set to withdraw 4 x Combat Potions and 21 x Prayer Potions, it will withdraw those two correctly, but then continues to try and withdraw 20+ Sharks for some reason and as a result, will go on an endless loop to withdraw and deposit the 3 x Sharks it can withdraw. There is no setting for the # of food that we want the script to withdraw.
  3. @Ark Thanks. Another improvement if you don't mind adding: Increase the maximum number of Prayer Potions you can take per trip. Currently it is capped at 8. Please increase it to accommodate a full inventory of Prayer Potions (28).
  4. @Ark Does not work with Attack cape, it keeps recognizing in the debug that it is missing the armour sets to farm tokens and since I have restock from GE unchecked in the GUI, the script just ends saying I am missing the selected armor set. The GUI does not have an option to not select any armor set and it does not seem to recognize that I have an attack cape equipped, unequipped in inventory, or in the bank when I start the script. Might want to check the Attack Cape item ID you used because there's regular and trimmed versions. Regular item id = 9747. Also maybe include in the
  5. Yes, as long as you have an Attack Cape equipped, you can enter any of the areas to farm defenders for an unlimited time without the need of any tokens. You still have to follow normal protocols like when you get a defender, you have to leave and re-enter the area for the next tier of defenders to drop. No additional steps, just have the attack cape equipped.
  6. @Ark Does this support Attack Cape, where if you have one, you do not need any tokens to farm defenders? If not, can that be added in?
  7. @Einstein Not sure what happened, but something has broken the script. Whenever you start the script in Progressive mode, it gets stuck at having to fill out the General Settings tab in the "Goldfarming" section, telling me to input a valid number for Mule World. It won't let you start the script in progressive mode unless you fill out Goldfarming Mode inputs. Normal mode seems fine.
  8. Demon Butler fetching still having errors. Idles out with script action stuck on "Calling Butler". Debug: https://pastebin.com/FJdbXGv5 Please fix, thanks. Update: Fixed. Works on Tribot 12 now.
  9. @Worthy This script is currently broken with the latest OSRS update. It does not work for Butler Calling, because of the newest Game Settings UI update. It uses it to call the butler via Settings tab but does not recognize the new UI format, so it does not know how to call Butler to come. Maybe get it to use a Ring Bell or update script to navigate properly through the new UI to access Calling Butler
  10. Useless marketing talk. All this is just a clever way to mask a price increase under the convenient label of "AI improvement". The only AI you need to implement is using it to improve your antiban, a system that has been obsolete for years now. Tribot has essentially become a cesspool of failed updates because their owners got complacent. I don't know what kind of imaginary worlds you're skipping through, but switching to Shopify (something that has been around for nearly a decade by the way) and how it is somehow heralded as some life-changing improvement despite all the flaws that Tribo
  11. Of all the things you can improve on, this is what Tribot prioritizes? How about updating your antiban, which hasn't seen a major update for years? You know, things that your CURRENT users would benefit from? \ You raise prices for what? Improved UI design? Pathetic.
  12. Also having problems when I start the script, the GUI loads, but then when I press Start to begin the script, it doesn't do anything with GUI still up. Might want to take a look @Einstein
  13. Just Relative Agility. I just checked Woodcutting, and args seem to be working but Relative Agility is not.
  14. I tried that, but it doesn't seem to be working? It just opens up the GUI and does not do anything.
  15. @Einstein Hey, I'm trying to figure out the argument commands for your Woodcutting and Agility script but can't seem to get it to work. What exactly is the arguments for both scripts? Is it profile:profilename? settings:profilename? profilename? Thanks.
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