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  1. Tried out the trial, works really well except for a couple of issues that I noticed; 1: If the account dies the script walks back to Edgeville bank instead of using the Glory amulet to teleport back. 2: I'm guessing 25 hp is the minimum hp set on the script because if i run it on 18 hp it just takes out food and eats at full hp. Buying the script today, hope it works out well
  2. The only issue with wilderness looting is that the more accounts i run the more the profit gets split up since theres only 1 active pking world in f2p. Any other f2p scripts out there? Don't mind paying for a premium script.
  3. Hey, could anyone help me find a script which I can run in f2p to make 40-50k/hour consistently with low/no reqs? Thanks
  4. Hey, I'm considering purchasing your Zulrah bot, but I had a couple of questions. Firstly, what is the recommended/required gear that I should be keeping along with inventory/bank setups? Secondly, what are gp/rate on average with the minimum required stats?
  5. Got my firecape nice and quick! Best prices compared to other competitors. Will definitely use in the future.
  6. Script is working great however sometimes it has a problem with catching low level imp for security. It will just sit there right clicking imps. I helped it get a low level imp so it seems to be working fine now. Will post a full debug once it happens again.
  7. Why don't you shut the fuck up and respect peoples opinions. Who are you to call him dumb when just by reading your horrible grammar I almost got cancer. I personally would prefer if GE was not implemented in the game as I personally enjoy the thrill of getting the stuff I need myself rather than buying it off GE. In my opinion, (Being a botter as I am) the only time I actually socialize with people on Runescape is when I go to buy stuff. Then again this is only my opinion. Interesting topic though. I would love to see what people think.
  8. Thanks, the guide solved the problem for me. I can actually see a significant decrease in my CPU usage.
  9. You mentioned they hit more common than you? I'd say that it was just luck as you have a higher attack level and you should be hitting more common. If they hit a higher hit than you, it is because of the str you lack. I suggest sticking to whip as in DDS the low str will be a fatal disadvantage.
  10. Hey go to the Varrock museum bottom floor and talk to the guy next to the stairs.
  11. Not sure if you will get a refund for that unless Tri is feeling extremely considerate. However a bonus point for you is that getting 83 hunter takes 2.5-3 days at most. You can even check out my hunter progress here and see how long it took me. Sorry if I wasn't allowed to post here. I'm just trying to help.
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