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  1. @chuckle Very impressive. Care to record some footage of you controlling the 6 accs when fighting corp? I would be very interested to see that. EDIT: also how do you plan on dealing with the dark energy core?
  2. new rs update broke varrock rooftop, not sure if other courses work EDIT: seems to be working now
  3. Big vouch to worthy, he has improved his service since last time I used him, I recommend him to anyone considering purchasing a private script
  4. Good to hear it is near release, been waiting for this for ages
  5. I need a private script made, please PM me your skype username so I can add you, or PM me on the TRiBot discord chat (username: king21200) to disucss EDIT: Due to a number of PM's I am adding this, I need the script done on tribot, so that means you must be a premium scripter in order to make me a script.
  6. I have personally used @daxmagex and @Worthy for 2 seperate undiscovered methods and they did not "leak" the methods, so I recommend them. However daxmagex is usually busy so you are probably better off with worthy.
  7. actually when it was in beta, you could choose to display the real profit, but it did not take into account the cost of trident charges, which is why I asked him if that has been added.
  8. Does that profit include the costs for using the trident, as before i seem to remember it didnt? or has that been added?
  9. not sure if it still works but gonna leave this here https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/925-drezel-alcher/ ~100gp loss per alch, not sure if thats good, but its an option. EDIT: also has no GE limits so it isnt useless like battlestaves
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