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  1. @godspower33 Bro, I went from 80 to 99 ranged only using this script. Amazing! Thank you!
  2. It can be. Is it lagging or running smoothly for you?
  3. No. Open tribot. Go to "File" -> View local scripts folder -> Go back to .tribot folder -> Open settings folder -> Delete hooks.dat Restart tribot and try script again.
  4. Compensation in ur dreams probs. Got to buy second vip already, not gonna buy before I see compensation.
  5. All my money in guthan's for a few hours.
  6. Rising topic in reddit tho I see. Going to be nerfed anyway.
  7. All other clients have been fixed days ago, lol.
  8. Hello. Looking for someone to make me 1-66 magic on a fresh accounts. Send me your price and I will pm you back.
  9. Script clicks on skill info at skills tab and gets stuck. Idk if it's script or TriBot anti-ban. Happened 2 times in last 24hrs.
  10. Ordered VPS yesterday. Been over 30hrs. Still nothing in my email. Tried to contact live chat-nothing. Emailed service- nothing. What's going on? Proof: Wrote them when service was online. 4 minutes later - offline ...
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