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  1. It is so beautiful, and i still can't manage that its free.. You sir are a great person
  2. Seems like you haven't searched good enough. or at all
  3. Spiker has one. I don't think it has all of the features. But most atleast https://tribot.org/forums/topic/28450-money-makingrunecrafting-spiker-rune-runner-up-to-3m-gphrmost-runes31-hoursflawless/
  4. Wow, good luck dude. You're gonna need it!
  5. Aaand trilez does it again! yayyyy
  6. Cmon... If you have like somekind of "proof". I'm pleased to hear
  7. My suggestion to tribot is to NOT show the password on the account manager. As my roommate can steal my password from there Oh and a feature that you could change to different worlds like you can with browser: www.oldschool1.runescape.com Like this:
  8. Please people, don't flame and argue about every freaking flaw there is in the script/tribot. Make a valid bug report, and give Dev some respect. He hasn't done the hard work for you to blame the script for its flaws.
  9. Hmmmm, i might be really interested of this. Let's talk on skype
  10. Good luck with your botting career here on tribot
  11. I'm curious, why did you write your own right-click menu handler? getDropRectangle()? And also why do you use .hover() to change the mouse postion?' and finally why do you enclose "gained" and "runTime" here: return (int) ((gained) * 3600000D / (runTime)); Why not just (gained * (3600000 / runTime)) and i think you have to enclose 3600000 / runTime as it would be then mathematically right. Not sure though. But nice work otherwise, i like the "click what you want to mine" thing
  12. If you'd post some work done, it'd be cool. And as the rsviolent's website is not working sooo...
  13. Yeah, some work proof would be good. But as for the doinglifts website... Uh i don't like the layout. You should fix some spacing problems on the front page. Like the menu bar overlapping the welcoming text. (It also can be/is my resolution problem as i'm not using a 1920x1080 screen)
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