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  1. Login#getLoginMessage Membership requires trickery, like welcome screen, or reading from an in-game interface. I may have found something better than both of those but can not remember off the top of my head. If I get around too it I can check it out and will post back here.
  2. JoeDezzy1

    Where to download

    Links in my signature
  3. Thank you, if there is anything you've noticed since then, like I said, post here or feel free to send a message to myself or one of our developers here at TRiBot. 8 Free credits for you, kind sir, for your generosity of your time.
  4. Its ready for RuneLite and OSBuddy
  5. RSItem[] find(final int...ITEM_IDS) { return Inventory.find(ITEM_IDS); } This will give all items matching any specific ID And is an exact wrapper around the inventory class. Each element in the returned array is a new instance of whatever item in the inventory has the ID you specify
  6. Anyone have any thoughts on auto-boot for LG clients?
  7. If this is the case, we can resolve it shortly. Grace for the downtime
  8. The site is very alive, and anything you're unhappy with that you may have purchased will be addressed in a prompt and judicial manner by one of our administrators.
  9. Use a VPN, Spoof your MAC address, delete local cache contents including website cookies. Then you should look into either different script options or changing up the patterns in your own code.
  10. Your bots will continue to get pwned unless the scripts you're using change up the patterns that were used previously to catch your bots.
  11. Message me, we'll get you sorted out. Make sure you've installed Oracle JDK 8, just google it and download the version for your O.S (32 bit if you wish to use LG) Also make sure you've uninstalled all other versions of java
  12. My client has been refunded as well @Fluffee
  13. I'll have more free time in about a week or so, so I will address all standing bugs and update the source for everyone to use free (forever)
  14. Oracle JDK 8, x86 (32-bit java) for Looking glass. You need to boot both tribot and whatever is loading RS from 32 bit JDK 8 Nothing above or below JDK 8 will work
  15. If any public members/scriptwriters notice bugs in any of the above scenarios feel free to contact me through a direct message. Input on this thread is highly valued and appreciated. We're releasing these updates to provide a more powerful and effective client for every single person/bot here at/from TRiBot. "Attempt an experimental fix to a long-standing issue involving the break handler not working as intended" > This update should fix the breaking issue that's been widely spoken about for a while now. So > This proposed fix current stands "untested on a large scale", howe
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