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  1. It's working fine for me.
  2. RuneLite has never crashed for me until I started using it with LG, and the only times it crashes is when I type or do any input on RL with the LG client connected.
  3. Good work, thanks for update. Keep them coming.
  4. I rarely bot on my main, I bot on a HCIM and a pure occasionally as well.
  5. You botted on it again, don't lie lmao. We don't give a shit we're not Jagex. I use Runelite everytime I play, 6-10 hours daily, on an account I have gotten banned once before aswell and nothing has happened to me. Obligatory don't bot on an account you don't want to get banned. Simple as that.
  6. This, I would buy the script w/o arceuus library. But you can also use Runelite's book tracker to find the books, jsyk in the future.
  7. This looks very very nice, I'm definitely going to try it out!
  8. $0.88? You're overpaying m8.
  9. Recently this script has been causing the FPS of OSbuddy to drop from 50 to like 5-15 until I stop the script. Is there a memory leak somewhere in the most recent update? Or has OSRS changed and caused this somehow? I've used this script for ages and have had absolutely no problems at all.
  10. You sir are a god. Thank you so much for this.
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