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    Chill guy, quite the toker. Snowboarding for life! Good vibes.

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  1. Cheers! Another great update.
  2. Congratz. Such wow.
  3. Welcome! See ya around!
  4. add my vip please, also trade feedback. <3 thx again.

    1. The Black Tux

      The Black Tux

      Will do when I get home :)

  5. Real muhhpuckin G's

  6. Bought two, and he won't reply to skype, nor ingame pms. Scammed for 2.4m as of right now. Edit: Once I pmed him ingame he turned off private.
  7. That's unfortunate. I hope your rebuild goes well. Next time don't be in such a hurry and try to avoid teamviewer unless needed. Thanks for spreading the word.
  8. Combofix is a great malware remover. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/combofix/ Goodluck.
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