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  1. That's great man! You're doing better from this script that I am.
  2. Make sure you have got all the files, try restarting the client.
  3. I don't have an account with the appropriate quest completed. Sorry.
  4. The out of hides error appears to be due to Tribot API method confirming the bank screen is open when it actually isn't. I've reworked somethings haven't bothered with a revision update, if the problem persists I will take a more in-depth look at the issue. Please re-download v1.1.
  5. Strange that others aren't having the same issue. Your leather is at the top of the bank isn't it.
  6. Looks awesome. Wish I could get hold of 15k green d hide. So hard to buy any hide now. I hope the script performs well.
  7. I've never tested seers, I'll take a look today.
  8. I was noticing some issues like that to do with the anti ban. I'll take another look at it tonight
  9. Ensure your hides are near the top of the bank and your bank is scrolled to the top.
  10. You shouldn't have any issues with the GUI opening, are there any messages in the Client or Bot debug windows?
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