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  1. Webwalking has been an issue for sometime now, if the script is running fine you shouldn't have to worry. If it is breaking and stopping the script we may need to look into the location you are using. Regardless if you join our Discord I'll be glad to assist you with anything you need. Best Regards and thanks for reaching out, Pwningcows
  2. PM me on Discord I can help you with your settings. More or less it'll be a guess and check, nothing is guaranteed especially with botting but I can for sure point you in the right direction.
  3. Send me a picture of your settings on Discord! Thanks,
  4. Fish Barrel is currently not a feature, however this is a great suggestion and I will get this added in the future patches. Regards, Pwningcows
  5. I believe you have to donate, you might as well make a new profile.
  6. Thanks for the report I'll investigate further. Regards,
  7. I have found previous that botting tutorial island is extremely difficult. Some will be fine but I found out that around 80-90% of all of my accounts were locked/banned. My best practice is to just to create hundreds of accounts and select the few that make it out to run on my farms. Hope this helps you with your endeavors.
  8. As previously mentioned in the Discord chat we had, I'll get this fixed for next update. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and we are working to get it fixed for next patch. Thanks again for your concern and if you have anymore questions feel free to PM me via Discord for the fastest replies. Regards, Pwningcows
  9. My apologies I forgot to link the Discord: https://discord.gg/jBB8aPbM I can further assist you on our server. Thank you!
  10. Thanks for your concern however the idle might be related to the human data and break timer. If the script stays logged on too long it may look like a bot, however if the bot logs out it simulates a human that is taking a little break after a long session. I wouldn't be concerned too much but if you are worried please join our Discord and I'll be glad to assist you further! I'll investigate dragon axe special attacks to see if we can improve any aspects of it, however if it hits 100% and the script automatically uses the special attack this creates a trend which can lead to more bans. Our s
  11. Yes it can! Give it a shot and let me know if you need any help. If you join our Discord I can further assist you if need be. https://discord.gg/jBB8aPbM
  12. Try using shift-drop instead. I'll look into this issue as well but for now I would recommend switching to an alternative dropping method. Currently I have not been able to replicate this bug, do you have anymore information that you could send me. If you join our Discord you can send me some information via PM for the fastest replies! I can add this to our suggestions for next patch as an option. I personally keep all of mine because I like to eventually do them, but I can see how some users may not want this. Thanks for your suggestion! I would recommend to join our
  13. We don't focus on highest exp/hour due to higher ban rates. More or less our scripts are designed to be extremely safe to use so it won't have the HIGHEST exp gains possible... but with that being said we have hundreds if not thousands of users collectively that have reached 99 with our scripts. My recommendation is to do barbarian fishing until 99 if you want the fastest/lowest ban rate possible. I personally ran mine on my HCIM from 1-98 fishing in about 2-3 weeks. That is extremely odd. It should be working, can you send me more information via Discord or PM on the lo
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