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  1. kelthstone


    I'm about to use it now to quest. Will lt you know
  2. kelthstone


    Would this be good for questings multiple accounts? Or will it not be possible due to the NPC's moving around randomly?
  3. This might be a stupid question, but does using Lite Mode on Tribot make it to where Tribot doesn't use as much resources on your computer? Or is it just for visual preference?
  4. Yeah, they knew you were botting & just banned you for RWT because it's a more serious offense and they don't want you to get your account back. They're crackin down, I've heard from a bunch of people in discord it happened to them as well.
  5. Yeah, Jagex has been giving out RWT bans to people they know are 100% gold farming/botting so you can't appeal them. Has been happening for a month or so now. They're starting to be more strict
  6. Yeah, you can only run one instance of the script at a time. You would have to buy it multiple times if you want to run it on multiple accounts at the same time.
  7. It's like $5 isn't it? If you can't afford to spend another $5 what are doing?
  8. You would have to buy two instances if you want them to run on their own. Or you could use CLI but you would have to learn it in order to use it. I don't see why you don't just buy another instance for it if it's a good script.
  9. Been noticing the script stopping randomly & was trying to figure out why came back just in time to see it trying to use scales on blowpipe without entering how many scales to put in the blowpipe. Timed out after 8 minutes of doing this.... https://gyazo.com/7494c556fcef3963e90fe0b98313735c
  10. Started the script up & it was walking to do plague city and just stopped. Has been sitting here for 5 minutes so far https://gyazo.com/a8b4eb4414bf689acb2953304a3e3d3e keeps just randomly getting stuck. got stuck here, so I walked to the chemist manually & started talking to him & it's still not working. Had to restart script. https://gyazo.com/04dbb521620fdc83403655f453af18be then it goes back & buys things it doesn't need. like things it's already used for the quest. Just rebuys limestones and balls of wool for absolutely no reason.... I just watch
  11. When alching, the script disables spell filtering, is there any way you can make it to where it stops disabling spell filtering. The alching part of this script is buggy as shit it seems like. I have the inventory set up so all it has to do is click, but instead it right clicks the spell book, swaps between inventory and other tabs and just looks bot like. I don't know if that is anti-ban features but it looks bad. Would use an auto clicker but can only run one account per machine if I do that which is bollocks.
  12. Got back to my computer and watched it stay stuck here for 10+ minutes. god knows how long it has been here https://gyazo.com/49dc29f9af505bf325b5e65994862399 also gets stuck here. https://gyazo.com/f0e3e375cf4154e06072dcc07101e4a7 You can't run this script without babysitting it & that's kind of disappointing considering I paid $20 for one instance. Came back to my account just walking in & out of Elena's door during biohazard.... https://gyazo.com/6ec5dcbf885d5c90e550b06d0e308284 goes through tunnel then just sits there & rotates camera forever.. ht
  13. Posted a couple weeks ago that it gets stuck in this cage, said you'd add a failsafe but it still gets stuck.... ( https://gyazo.com/057eb8c7e1d6ca5d1b7b073d05d7ed61 ) also posted a couple weeks ago... still using empty buckets on the dirt mound during the beginning of plague city..
  14. That's odd. I just tried running on LG client as well & mine is lagging too. A week ago it ran smooth, maybe the client needs updated or something. I'm going to redownload/update anything & I'll let you know if I find something out.
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