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  1. When alching, the script disables spell filtering, is there any way you can make it to where it stops disabling spell filtering. The alching part of this script is buggy as shit it seems like. I have the inventory set up so all it has to do is click, but instead it right clicks the spell book, swaps between inventory and other tabs and just looks bot like. I don't know if that is anti-ban features but it looks bad. Would use an auto clicker but can only run one account per machine if I do that which is bollocks.
  2. Got back to my computer and watched it stay stuck here for 10+ minutes. god knows how long it has been here https://gyazo.com/49dc29f9af505bf325b5e65994862399 also gets stuck here. https://gyazo.com/f0e3e375cf4154e06072dcc07101e4a7 You can't run this script without babysitting it & that's kind of disappointing considering I paid $20 for one instance. Came back to my account just walking in & out of Elena's door during biohazard.... https://gyazo.com/6ec5dcbf885d5c90e550b06d0e308284 goes through tunnel then just sits there & rotates camera forever.. ht
  3. Posted a couple weeks ago that it gets stuck in this cage, said you'd add a failsafe but it still gets stuck.... ( https://gyazo.com/057eb8c7e1d6ca5d1b7b073d05d7ed61 ) also posted a couple weeks ago... still using empty buckets on the dirt mound during the beginning of plague city..
  4. That's odd. I just tried running on LG client as well & mine is lagging too. A week ago it ran smooth, maybe the client needs updated or something. I'm going to redownload/update anything & I'll let you know if I find something out.
  5. I script that completes mage arena/mage arena II would be slick
  6. You speak of these hidden secrets you have " a couple other methods I have found to work well bot behaviour wise". The same reason you don't want to disclose those is the same reason people don't like sharing their methods. Just know you can easily do it. You just need to do your research & know where to look. Don't bot on a cooked proxy
  7. Welcome back. You helped me out a lot with your guides when I first started.. Good to see you're back
  8. Do you have paint delay on? are you running off a VPS or RDP? There's tons of things that could make it lag or appear to lag but not really be laggy.
  9. That's what I was looking for I forgot what it was called, thanks bro!
  10. I have a bunch of accounts & proxies that's I'm getting tired of re-adding to every new VPS I buy. Is there a way to just download the files from the PC I'm on now & send to the VPS? Surely there's an easier way to get your accounts & proxies set up on the VPS without having to enter every account & proxy in manually right? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. You, sir have a very large pp. Thank you for this!
  12. Okay, I'll have to do that & try it because I never disabled them. Thanks.
  13. Script isn't banking for me when using magic. I have the settings configured to where if my player runs out of runes or food, it will bank using varrock tele tab. Had no runes or food in inventory but had varrock tele tab but didn't tele to bank and restock, just ended the script. [14:28:39] Out of runes. [14:28:40] Out of runes. [14:28:40] Out of runes. [14:28:42] out of supplies. [14:28:42] Stopping script because out of supplys.
  14. Buying still not working :S Types in item it want to buy, selects it, then closes out of GE & keeps repeating proces still. https://gyazo.com/b322f855d3ea4a4762022f651a56f72d\ EDIT: Also got stuck in this cage during regicide. I paused the script and picked lock & it corrected https://gyazo.com/de1ae2c0120cd3ae37269987b2372aef
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