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  1. We traded. You declined. You could of traded an alt or something or photoshopped it for all I know. Why would you bother screenshotting but not take the time to video? You're obviously lying.
  2. You declined the trade.
  3. I can buy, add my skype: DouglasElectronics
  4. 1.27 isn't that good. I can offer you more in the future, add my skype: DouglasElectronics
  5. Profile of user: https://tribot.org/forums/user/186807-kirkyboy/ Date: 8/13/15 Feedback left: Guy is pure scammer, I payed him 45m for 50 wc accounts got fake accounts. Why should it be removed: This guy payed me 43m upfront for 50 accounts. We also agreed that my friend would be making him a private script for 25m. He agreed to pay, and had to go, but promised he'd pay me the next day (saturday). When I messaged him on saturday, he dodged paying. Then come monday when I got the accounts finished, I messaged him and asked him to pay his balance. He refused. So I told him that if he wanted his accounts he'd have to compensate my friend for his time, and after another 2 days of arguing, he finally agrees to pay me, in increments. 12.5m upfront, 25 accounts, 12.5m after, 25 accounts, and then the script. He payed 12.5m, I gave him the 25 accounts, and he claims they're "invalid user/password." This guy just doesn't want to buy the script anymore and he's acting like he's been scammed... If the user who left the f/b wants it removed, proof of them agreeing (pm or post in this thread):
  6. Yep, feedback on this site is for scams. If he has an issue with the service he can post it on my thread.
  7. A "reasonable amount of time," would be 8 hours a day, with 2 days off a week. Which would be 40 hours. You messaged me over the span of 12 hours, on a Sunday afternoon-Sunday evening. Nobody is open for business on sundays. Hell even chick fil a is closed. Are they not a "reasonable business?" I am able to dedicate more than 40 hours a week to this service, which I do. Between work, sleep, and other activities, maybe I can't be on 24-7 as I am not a robot, but you expecting me to be able to message instantaneously in the smack center of a sunday afternoon *WHILE* my skype is set to busy, is ridiculous.
  8. Profile of user:https://tribot.org/forums/user/246277-cyanogen1/?tab=feedback Date: 8/8/15 Feedback left:Service wasn't started for 2 days without notifying the customer. Hardly replies Why should it be removed: I have a job, and a life outside of tribot. I cannot reply to every single message I get instantly. And he was messaging me for 12 hours, not two days. If the user who left the f/b wants it removed, proof of them agreeing (pm or post in this thread):
  9. No. That is the reason. If you don't want chainbans, don't interact with the same accounts.
  10. I sell gold, add my skype: DouglasElectronics
  11. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/51930-lifehacks-aio-service/ I can definitely get this done for you for cheap. Add my skype: DouglasElectronics
  12. From me. Skype: DouglasElectronics
  13. lifehacks

    Selling 1B osrs.

    "Yeah just join my TS and download this file"
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