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spec op3

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  1. spec op3


    just sold me a bond legit and a nice guy!
  2. spec op3


    I am interested in buying a bond for 1.4m 07 added you on skype also sent you a message.
  3. spec op3

    Ranger Boots

    Anyone know whether ranger boots protect over items yet like in rs3, or do you still always lose them when you die?
  4. How come range guild bots are such high ban rate?
  5. spec op3

    Combat bots

    But are you able to use a break timer on them, or does it just try and log out at the exact time you tell it to, which is when its usually in combat, and so it says you have to wait 10 seconds after combat and the bot just sits there doing nothing?
  6. Can you make this script work with a dragon axe as it currently doesn't pick up the dragon axe as an axe and just ends the script
  7. spec op3

    Combat bots

    Damn :/ so im guessing you don't know any other good combat cripts which avoid this log-out issue?
  8. spec op3

    Combat bots

    I don't know what that means or how to do that, can you please explain. I'm not a scripter btw.
  9. spec op3

    Combat bots

    Yo im having an issue with my hill giant bot, where i can't use the break handler because whenever it tries to log out it cant because its in combat, so it just sits there and takes no break. Is there any way round this apart from babysitting the bot, like other combat scripts with inbuilt break handlers etc. Would love some feedback on this
  10. ))) i dont really know how to insert a screenshot into this so heres a gyazo of the 24 hr chop and planks with 10k planks http://gyazo.com/5a3dc550c6b389eac8b959c8d8c1156c
  11. I came back to see that my bot was using the bronze axe in my bank as my rune axe was broken
  12. nmz? sorry for noobiness
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