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  1. Stuff like this is why you are one of my favorite scripters here at Tribot. I've been using your scripts on and off for months at a time and have never been banned once (I use LG and good practices). When this script was free I was able to get to 85 crafting and I pretty much stopped there, but I'm sure I could of gotten to 99. I'm glad to hear this got premium because it really deserves it. Will be buying when I need crafting exp again :D. P.S to others: His auto tithe farm is really nice got me to level 90 just don't abuse ;p.
  2. I've never had a problem with Tribot for the most part in my years of using it, but I entirely agree with this. It wouldn't be hard to write a paragraph post addressing LG specifically. Now all they got is uninformed angry customers who want to use the service they paid for. Tribot should reimburse the extended VIP days that are getting wasted...
  3. LG still broken I tried it with Runelite and OS Buddy
  4. When I used this script I noticed when I laid traps for lizards that sometimes the script would think that I don't have enough rope or small fishing nets to continue and it would just log out 15-20 mins after I started it. It also may that the script can't keep up with the 4-5 traps I was setting a black lizards and it would get behind and lose a net and rope, but wouldn't the script just pick it back up? Idk, but you should try and run lizards on the script I guarantee it will break within 30 minutes because mine would all the time. However birds seem to be fine and I was actually able to get up to 67-70 hunter with this script and did not get banned from it. So overall good script, but if you can fix the lizards I'd be willing to pay premium for it tbh. Best of luck just really enjoyed the script wanted to leave you some feedback to improve :D.
  5. @Usa Right now currently making gems into jewelry is bugged because of the new interface they added. I hope you can get this fixed I would love to buy and use the script
  6. Shane9000100


    Hey guys I wanted to formally introduce myself after noticing my account was compromised. I noticed that my account had been posting a ton lately and it wasn't me as I haven't been active since early January. So without further at due I want to apologize to the community for carelessness in choice of my password here. I wasn't being smart and I ended up getting hacked as a possible result of it. I've been a semi active member of tribot for sometime and it kills me to see some ass hole hack my account and degrade my status as a member of this community. I wasn't sure where I should post this, but I felt it was necessary for me to post this. Thanks for reading and to make this a introduction my name is Shane I'm a computer science major and I develop java based games and programs.
  7. lost thousands wouldnt recommend!
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