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  1. Update: Added setting saving & loading. Setting files can be found under: ".tribot\xScripts" Updated GUI, added loading & saving interfaces. Script will now load last setting when GUI is initialized. Adjusted paint color scheme. Updated forum post with new instructions.
  2. The servers have been offline for a bit, please try again soon.
  3. Sad to see you leave. Massive respect to what you have done and created here. Good luck with your future goals! @Encoded & @Nullable, I trust in you!
  4. Hey Jackson, congratulations on first script release, looks neat! It might be handy to include what progessive mode will do and when world hopping activates in the forum post? I suggestion to add in Webwalking to get rid of this "relatively" close starting requirement.
  5. Update: Added Ardougne rooftop & Gnome agility courses. Added pop up text in red when received a pet. Added progressive mode. [PM] will show in the GUI when mode is active Currently progressive mode is not adjustable. Course unlocking is as followed: Gnome-> Draynor -> Varrock -> Falador -> Seers -> Rellekka -> Ardougne
  6. (Click Activate to add script) Builds Smalls Plant space 1 in your player owned house using Bagged plants 1 to achieve quick Farming & Construction levels. [Click here]Video of bagged planting training method[Click here] Script features: Quick Farming & Construction levels Automatically refills Watering cans at the Waterpump in Falador Stopping level support Uses Asynchronous Camera Arguments support ABCL10 Script Instructions: Start the script in Falador or near you house. Must have House teleports, Falador teleports, B
  7. 1. Create your accounts on the proxy ip. If you bought them, get a hold of where they were created and find a proxy in this area. If that does not work try looking into auto unlocking services (do some research). 2. Not many people will share what they use. Do some research and some testing yourselves to see what works.
  8. Update: Added failsafe checks (including climbing down ladder in Seers village when a very rare miss click happens)
  9. Update: Tweaked stamina support Added failsafe for picking up MOG when inventory is full Script now supports Canifis & Pollnivneach rooftop courses
  10. (Click Activate to add script) Handles all rooftop courses with ease! Script features: Simple User Interface using JavaFX Food support Stamina potion support Worldhopping support Stopping level support Mark of Grace support Web Walking (start script anywhere) Uses Asynchronous Camera Arguments support Disables auto retaliate & zooms out camera ABCL10 + reaction sleep modifier Simple saving & loading profiles Automatically loads last setting profile on GUI Supported Courses: Gnome St
  11. Very sad to see you go. You’ve taught me so much and were always up for help. Congrats on the job. You will be missed!
  12. Hi, and welcome to my snippet, Made a small camera zoom snippet that utilizes the mouse scroll method. Its simple but useful so I thought I'd share it. Input: 0 = fully zoomed out 100 = fully zoomed in Usage example: int rand = General.random(0, 100); setCameraZoom(rand); Code: /** * Adjust camera to set zoomLevel * * @param zoomLevel - 0 is zoomed out, 100 is zoomed in * @return True if successfully changed camera zoom to set level */ public static boolean setCameraZoom(int zoomLevel) { RSInterface button = Interfaces.get(116, 46); RSInterfa
  13. Its probably the thieving script, it stole ur password mate
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