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  1. Tested the full script today, all functions are still working as of my testing. Please provide client debug and a screenshot if the bug occurs.
  2. Update: Added F2P failsafe (hops to P2P before starting)
  3. Thanks for your feedback. The script agruments work when on a rooftop course but it should match the course you are already on. It currently has no auto match function. Regarding the breaking bug, I did not test breaks to be honest. Will add this in next update probably tomorrow.
  4. Good suggestion, will add. Working on a new GUI which allows for this and more customization for users in general. Thanks!
  5. Update: Added failsafe: if your character does not move for 3 minutes and is not banking the script will automatically stop. Changed several parts of code to be more maintenance friendly. Updated Dax Walker (was still using older source code) The failsafe feature has been suggested by a user via private message, please feel free to keep sending suggestions. I will gladly add these in. Enjoy botting!
  6. Just checked with live version and it is working for me. Are you sure you have checked "Use Stamina Potions"? Thanks for your nice feedback!
  7. Great to hear, thanks for the feedback. I suggest trying different break settings and see what works for you.
  8. As nobody answered your question, no it is not possible sadly.
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