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  1. script works fine doing abyss nats with normal ass glories, but when house tabbing to mounted it gets stuck trying to tele with the glory while the doors are shut, sometimes it opens the doors fine, but alot of the time it just gets stuck n loops NVM BEEN A WHILE SINCE IVE BEEN ON RS I JUST SET MY HOUSE TO ALWAYS HAVE THE DOORS OPEN LIKE AN ANIMAL
  2. k I've been using the other abyss rcer for 4 days now n I'm fine
  3. script good? the trial worked for me twice on nats just fine, rc is still mad bannable?
  4. even when i set less tiles it will use the backup tiles as extra then ignore all set traps and keep spamming setting another that it cant
  5. worked fine up until last night now it doesn't recognize the boxes after setting them it will keep trying to spam set up another one or jut hop and leave the boxes there after setting up and hopping again,got a char to 77 with it then this caused that char to get banned...so that was sick
  6. Jayx

    [Beta] Mute's Slayer

    this teleport issue seems to be with any task that goes to the stronghold of security, it tarts walking to it then tabs away or uses glory to edge also doesnt bury monkey bones and kalphites arent working properly either, it just kills the script at shantay pass whether i have money or a pass in inv/bank
  7. Jayx

    [Beta] Mute's Slayer

    if you have a glory and var tele tabs and a zombie task it just teletabs to varrock then glorys to edge walks 1 click then tabs back to var
  8. vouches from other sites literally mean fuck all..internet vouches in general literally mean fuck all. They prove NOTHING, and are extremely easy to fake.
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