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  1. figured Id bump this topic! Good scripter here!!! hes the man! buy your private scripts here!!!!
  2. no sir, last 99 from this script was about 1 year ago. the 99 before that way maybe 2.5 years
  3. Looking at it that way...yeah it sounds bad... but if you hire someone to do something "for a game" "for kids". The initial investigator will find himself at a chat spot of the person they are countering...to develop counter methods efficiently and quicker. Ive seen investigators do much much crazier shit, for the job. edit: but i doubt its currently (((actively happening))) because the data and algorithm is officially in place now. but that doesnt mean that data, wasnt pulled from counter methods used against the very platforms they are creating ban software for.
  4. just want to state, for this scripter...Ive had 2 99s with this script at different times! but also once got banned at canfis. used to bot crazyyyy fucking hours too...
  5. I can bet you a million jagex's hired software engineers and researchers, probably have accounts on tribot. they follow our antiban as much as we follow their ban tech. cept they keep theirs much lower key. which gives them an upper hand. the main core of tribot, done by trilez, is about the only thing not publicly posted. they probably even order scripts, to speed up the methods they used to counter it.
  6. id have to say...go look at trilezs post about his theory on bans. if you apply it to your botting, and dont let the banning program see you as a 100% chance of a bot your fine... just keep it in the 60-70% range, and your good. ive botted recently 12hrs, with maybe 1 break, for 4 days straight. on top of 2 + months of 8-10 hrs of botting (little breaks) (no looking gless) how? well my botting method invloves not to much clicking to begin with... and for about every stack bot movements i have just as much or more human movement to go with it. so 50% botting data+50% human data, keep the jagex system thinking im 50-70% chance of being a bot...at worst. they CANNOT BANN YOU unless they are 100% sure your a bot. how do they get to 100%? when jagex see's you using EXACT movements from previously banned scripts thats a + to chance of being a bot. when your bot messes up and end up in a random city, clicking cluelessly, thats a big + to chance of bot. the above 2 are huge chunks of of much of a chance of bot you are. but there is many more. just use common sense. ps: pathing logic, or walking is a weak point here at tribot in my personal honest opinion. thats why runecrafters, or skills that require alot of walking/banking get you banned easier. I feel pathing logic antibann needs some sprucing up.
  7. I guess your right, I guess what i mean, is it cant be glitchy, has to be stable, and atleast basic anti ban compliant. hours ran are more like 5-7 and days out the week will be more like 4-5 days outta 7 not asking for a guarantee, that would be naive of me. But some testing should obviously be done to make sure its stable, and not getting insta banned, or easily banned thats what the test account would be for.
  8. Wanting to buy a private script. Its gotta stand still and drink E potions, then bank when out. Bank is very close. would like to have atleast basic anti ban, capable of 5-7 hours a day, 4-5 days out the week. I have an alternate acc that can be used for testing if need be. just need a serious price, and will awnser any further questions. I do know about mutes private script for this, but hes been veryyyy afk. so id rather someone whos more active.
  9. Thanks man really appreciate it! love it so far! yay i can move the cam now! I like to put the cannon at all 4 corners on the screen over time randomly. reloading is much much better, I dont have to babysit that nearly as much now!
  10. Ugh, I have literally hit every person up on the first page ?
  11. i promise, its not lack of patience! I promise! Paypal doesnt work for me, apparently my account is not verified, tri doesnt accept payment from unverified paypal accs. i just did it like 3 hours ago, the (verification) deposit wont happen for 2-3 biz days...cmon man tomorrows sunday. ?
  12. i need 6 credits to run my needed script. its been 3 days...trilez's payment option doesnt work,,, I need credits pleaseeee, I want to bot agaiiiinnnn getting credits is like pulling teeth on this website.
  13. Really not a fan of this new script code from this trial version of combat aio magic. the old version ( i had been running for 4-5 years) before the take back of lifetime memberships. as of right now im not interested in buying this script. Im not trying to bash, but more so...constructive criticism. #1 the old code let me put the camera any direction i wanted...new code overthrows. and puts it to a selected angle/point.... Its ok to put the camera at a rendom point, but it shouldn't over throw my movements and move it back. I have ran for 5 hours since typing this message, the script has kept the cam in the same spot this whole time. #2 the old code would reload at empty most of the time, and sometimes reload @ like 1-5 shots fired. The new code always reloads after empty, every time. Not a fan of #1 because, it is very bot like when my script always put the camera at the same point/angle every time i play....By doing this...the pointer takes the same path from inventory to cannon everytime. when i was able to move the camera, i could change the path of the pointer over time, closer to farther. #2 Based off of serveral hours of cannoning (by hand) as a human. I noticed i almost always wait till empty...MOST of the time. then sometimes, just because im not sure how many are left i will reload just for the heck of it. or because im headed to go afk. conclusion, make the script reload at empty maybe 70-85% of the time. THEN 15-30% of the time, reload at a random number. This makes the script act more like human data. The option for (reload X amount of seconds) Im not a big fan of, I almost never use it.... why? because if i set it at 45 seconds for reload it always reload at 45 seconds ( +/- a few seconds) which is very bot like...specially after 4-5 hours of game play. I believe most human data would let it run out, most the time, due to opening other pages, watching tv, bathroom, etc. for the record, I use a safespot, and cannon giants. all the script has to do is reload, and maybe move the camera sometimes. I often babysit while doing other stuff, like alching between reloads, my own random screen movements.
  14. bump 2m each is the offer!
  15. I used to have lifetime on this as well...but now it is gone... currently trying out the trial version of it now. cannoning giants.... but now all of a sudden, the bot clicks resize window, and the 3rd brightness tab over and over and over... tab until this gets fixed...i am NOT buying it...the lifetime script didnt have this problem.... not trying to get banned cannoning, while it just clicks resize window, and the 3rd selection of brightness over...and over and over...like a bot... also make it so it reloads at empty 80% of the time....+20% of the time at a random number 1-30
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