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  1. Good evening, haven't been here for years, nice to be back! I was wondering if there is a script that: a. loots an item which spawns on the ground b. hops to a different world c. loots again. One location.
  2. Haha, in 07 the more you sell, the more you get.
  3. domas123

    Credit transfer

    Thanks, didnt see that.
  4. domas123

    Credit transfer

    Hello, I am kinda old in this community and I can transfer only 5 credits every 31 days, is there any possible ways to transfer more at the time?
  5. 7 clients 1 account per client.
  6. Same thing happened again...
  7. Just had to close all clients and its working fine again, prob had opened too many chrome tabs and ram crashed...
  8. 256, but it was working fine for few weeks, now after a restart it says that I should restart it again or if it happens again, try deleting jagex cache.
  9. All bots stopped, 1 bot per client, 7 bots total, 4gb ram, not sure why i got that error, any idea?
  10. I have never had 2 day ban, only perm
  11. Yea, i didnt understand why those blast furnace bots had 11m each... p.s. botted through stream, all bots survived haha
  12. Yea they banned one from zulrah ;DDD p.s. bank was shit right?
  13. twitch tv/runescape STREAM STARTED
  14. domas123

    Weath we love ya!

    Woodcutting.. All been said.
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