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  1. I know you recently were having issues with quest completion recognition, and I'm having a problem that I've seen many others have quite some time ago which is having a green dragon task, & it goes to the brimhaven dungeon without a shield & without the antifire potions (all kinds). So, I'm wondering if there's something funky going on with quest recognition again. I still have that task so let me know if you need to hop on my account for testing.
  2. Did you have any success with LANthiever's script? I've been looking to get 99 thieving but a bit uneasy seeing the scripter is pretty inactive.

  3. I think a dwarf multicannon ornament skin isn't being seen as a dwarf multicannon so it won't worldhop when one is placed. At least I think that's what's happening with my current situation (worldhop selected at taverly black demons and there's an ornament kitted cannon placed 5 squares away & bot won't hop). Tried to grab the item ID but couldn't figure it out sorry https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Shattered_cannon_ornament_kit edit found another:
  4. Running into an issue that I'm unsure what's causing it - I do have somewhat odd settings for typical 'defender' use. I'm just an ironman training xp and alching for cash. Here's the settings, debugs, & RI below in spoiler.
  5. Thorough script! Alching several items in progression mode & was worried it wouldn't move the next items into the inventory slot behind the alch spell - but it did! Attention to detail is what I know you for.
  6. I'd imagine it being one of the easier ones to program - click on kebbit, falcon attempts to catch it, if succeeds, retrieve it, if not... repeat. Only thing to worry about is if you don't retrieve it within like 30 seconds you gotta speak to the falconry master Matthias again to get your falcon back. Currently training hunter to 83 so if you wanted an account to program kebbits just let me know. It'd be very helpful as it's the fastest hunter xp from 43-60
  7. Just started using it - seems to work okay at the moment apart from the fact that it'll bank for a knife even though I have a knife in the inventory already
  8. hey my boy Naton been a while since achieving many 99s with this script. With the new 3rd party client updates, it appears we have to use LG now, correct? Im wondering on the stability of LG with this script at rock crabs before I get a bit invested into botting again. Thanks brotha
  9. ive been suiciding fresh accounts and a 4 year old account for some time all doing the same thing (moneymaking), and my 1 year or less old accounts get banned but my 4 year old account doesnt lololol. so with that, do these accounts you're training agility on have any more than a year on them? if not, that's amazing
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