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  1. ive been suiciding fresh accounts and a 4 year old account for some time all doing the same thing (moneymaking), and my 1 year or less old accounts get banned but my 4 year old account doesnt lololol. so with that, do these accounts you're training agility on have any more than a year on them? if not, that's amazing
  2. whatever you believe in man
  3. Impossible spectrum or bot qualifiers, plenty of different ways to say the same thing. Their detection is ultimately adding up many different qualifying bot behaviors, and once you reach a 'beyond a reasonable doubt' threshold, you're banned. Their "beyond a reasonable doubt" methodology is probably pretty similar to a judge & jury. Different jury members have to be convinced of different things before saying guilty. Then the judge tallies up the votes and makes a decision. I imagine their detection processes include reverse script engineering where it builds a script based on your behaviors, and if it can qualify beyond a reasonable doubt, you're banned. Bot or human, there are certain things that are predictable & create patterns, but at some point you can say it's a bot or not. It's not a perfect system, but it's pretty damn good.
  4. Great script but the construction xp is a little slow, mind turning the speed up a bit? Jokes aside, thanks for the flawless script. About 5 days worth of work.
  5. I can tell you it doesn't get you instabanned on a hand-made account. On a fresh account I can't say yet. I think there are more manual bans in mlm so watching when you bot and how much plays a role as much as how hand made your account is too.
  6. thats ite, ill just go no lg
  7. yeah just updated my post "Found one java item in temp deleted it, looked to find no other javas installed either under control panel & program files both 64 86, ran the deletehooks from natan. getting this. the installed osbuddy is the crossplatform 32 version as in guide" including jar files
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