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  1. Please keep an eye on the forums for an update announcement. Have you tried it? While I don't want to officially support 3rd party plugins, TRiBot should select the proper menu nodes automatically.
  2. Glad you like the script so far To see your xp/hour you can mouse over the purple thieving bar and a tooltip will show up containing xp/hr and a few other stats.
  3. It looks like you didn't complete the settings window. Make sure you input every setting and that there are no red messages in the Client Debug whenever you hit Start script. It might be easier to message me on Discord (Laniax#2980) so we can take a look together.
  4. For those who experience banking issues and are using Looking Glass (or just use LG in general). Make sure you disable all plugins inside OpenOSRS/RL as it will interfere with TRiBot.
  5. No ETA yet, but I am working on a giant new version of the script, which (right now) has prototype support for chest stealing. I'll be dropping a request for beta testers soon, be sure to keep an eye on the forums! A different premium script specifically for Rogues Den was released by another scripter, so this mode was put on hold. It's coming in the new version i talked about above though! Oh that's odd. Could you kindly message me on Discord (Laniax#2980) so we can see what's causing this issue? The script will run and work at any world, but if the knight disappears o
  6. Xp/h can vary by thieving level, but these are the main points that effect/improve xp rates: - The most important: make sure you have a solid 50 FPS in game. You can type ::displayfps inside runescape to see your current FPS. Change your paint delay / tribot settings if you don't have a stable 50 FPS. Also note that using LG might have a detrimental effect on performance. - Low HP level will eat more often, which might result in more accidental combat, severely dropping xp rates. - Using better food will improve xp rate - Use 'lure to break combat' if possible The wa
  7. This can happen with any script when TRiBot crashes or is force closed. The client didn't get a chance to tell the server that you stopped the script. The problem fixes itself in around 15-20mins when the connection is properly timed out. Try restarting your PC if it doesn't fix itself in this time. Glad you like it To answer your question, yes! I'm working on a very large update which will include Vyre pickpocketing. No ETA atm, but please message me on Discord to let me know that you are willing to test it when I have an alpha version ready. Blackjacking
  8. Hey, Thanks for using my script. It sound like there might be some settings misconfigured, please add me on Discord so we can take a look! Laniax#2980
  9. Those with walking issues; please add me on Discord and send me your client debug. Those with worldhop issues; please start the script with the ingame worldhopper already open.
  10. This will be included in a big update soon. Thanks for the suggestion! Glad you figured it out! Blackjacking is indeed only possible from lv 45 and up. Happy botting
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