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  1. This already happens by default. However if for some reason it fails (most commonly due to lag) the option is there to do a quick lure between hits, this will drop combat. If your ping is that high that it can't get the lure off between hits, an option to simply run from combat is also present. Note you can select a preferred world region in the settings, this way it'll prefer hopping to worlds from that region first,which should help with any ping problems.
  2. Not natively, you can try tools like nRestocker though. Update: * The script will now only hop to DMM worlds if it was started on a DMM world. * The script will not attempt to close the door behind the player when restocking food during blackjacking.
  3. It will talk to the bandit in order to drop combat, if it's unable to do so, it's usually a sign of low FPS, either fixing your FPS issues or using the 'Run away from combat' option should fix it. If you're still unhappy though, I won't be a prick about it. Please send me a PM or a message on Discord (Laniax#2381) with your order number so I process a refund.
  4. 200k+ is only getting pushed in the high 9X's since you have less chance to fail the knockout at higher thieving levels. Still 100k is a bit low at 88, make sure you have a solid 50FPS for optimal performance, although at your level, ardy knights are better (and safer). Do you use LG? If so, make sure all plugins are disabled. If you still experience the issue, please message me on Discord. Laniax#2381
  5. Please keep an eye on the forums for an update announcement. Have you tried it? While I don't want to officially support 3rd party plugins, TRiBot should select the proper menu nodes automatically.
  6. Glad you like the script so far To see your xp/hour you can mouse over the purple thieving bar and a tooltip will show up containing xp/hr and a few other stats.
  7. It looks like you didn't complete the settings window. Make sure you input every setting and that there are no red messages in the Client Debug whenever you hit Start script. It might be easier to message me on Discord (Laniax#2381) so we can take a look together.
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