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  1. I already fixed this for a couple people on Discord, but i'm posting the solution here for others to see: If you see the error above, namely the "Cannot invoke scripts.laniax.api.worldhopping" part, it's because there's a bug in the client which prevents the worldhopper from working. A workaround for this is to simply open the ingame worldhopper before starting the script. This way, the worlds are properly loaded into the client and the worldhopper will work as expected. I'm investigating why the error is thrown in the first place, and looking if i can automate a workaround. As always, just add me on Discord (Laniax#2980) if you need any help!
  2. Mate, you've got some of the cleanest scripting I've ever seen. Good stuff.

  3. No ETA yet, but it's coming soon in a huge update! You arent missing something, unfortunately free script trials were removed with the new store and replaced by a 1$/1day option.
  4. Yo, I've written a IntelliJ plugin to directly add TRiBot specific features to your IDE. Right now, the main feature is a script packer that packs all your files into a .zip that can be uploaded to the repository. It's smart enough to only pack the files that your script actually uses. There is no project setup required, all settings are read from your IDE. I got some ideas more directly related to script writing which will be added later. More description on the product page: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/15366-tribot-tools-by-laniax Installation: Click the 'Install to IDE' button on the web page above. or Open the Plugins menu in IntelliJ IDEA, then search for 'tribot' and it'll show up. Screenshots:
  5. There are a few reasons this could happen, but i'd need to see your client/bot debug. Please add me on Discord so we can take a look.
  6. Just pushed an update that will only hop to other league worlds if you started the script while on a league world. Worldhopping itself cannot be disabled since sometimes the script has to hop, otherwise it won't be able to function. (like when pickpocketing ardy knights at the bank, and the knight dissappears or otherwise leaves the bank, it will worldhop until a knight is found) We've talked on Discord. Main takeaways are to give the script a while to stablize the xp/hour, as well as make sure to have a solid 50FPS. Yes! Sadly i cannot give a date, but there's a huge update coming up.
  7. - Fixed an issue with TRiBot 12 where the GUI would get stuck while loading. - Updated the worldhopper so that it won't try to hop to League worlds.
  8. Please add me on Discord so we can go over your settings. Laniax#2980 Yes I'll happily refund you if you are unhappy with the script, but why don't you use the ardy knight at the bank? The one at the house is a bit of a legacy option. Either way, please add me on Discord so I can either help figure out your problem or process your refund.
  9. If you have trouble with worldhopping, please click on the ingame worldhopper before starting the script. This forces TRiBot to load the world list, and will fix the issue. I'm working on a workaround so you don't have to do this manually. Sure, I'll take a look
  10. TRiBot released an update that seemed to have broken a few things. If you are having issues I suggest running version 11.1.4 for now.
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