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  1. Please add me on Discord so we can go over your settings. Laniax#2980 Yes I'll happily refund you if you are unhappy with the script, but why don't you use the ardy knight at the bank? The one at the house is a bit of a legacy option. Either way, please add me on Discord so I can either help figure out your problem or process your refund.
  2. If you have trouble with worldhopping, please click on the ingame worldhopper before starting the script. This forces TRiBot to load the world list, and will fix the issue. I'm working on a workaround so you don't have to do this manually. Sure, I'll take a look
  3. TRiBot released an update that seemed to have broken a few things. If you are having issues I suggest running version 11.1.4 for now.
  4. Please try TRiBot version 1.24.2 for now while blackjacking. Seems like the latest tribot releases have broken some things.
  5. If you need any help, feel free to add me on Discord (Laniax#2980) Update: - Improve GUI loading speed - Add BETA support for Elv pickpocketing in Prif, if you have access, please test it and let me know how it runs!
  6. Could you share your settings? I just tried it at ardy knights and it logged out fine. Update your java, it probably says so in the log.
  7. Yeah all scripts trials are for VIPs only. You can however buy the script and use it without VIP (limited to 1 instance).
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