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  1. When i run the script im having a problem with teleporting when health is low. Currently have it set to 50% my hp currently is 60 so I was hoping it would tele at 30hp instead of 40hp which it is currently teleporting at. Just bought lifetime woo!
  2. When Jagex bans you, do they store information in cache files?
  3. aquaking

    Banking issues

    Still not working for me. Tried restarting everything. When i go to withdraw an item, I can't. Item id's work fine becuase the scripts are able to work with them once they are out of the bank. Scripts ive tried on are: BrSmitherPro[Premium] DeluxesSmither Logic Pro USA Flax Spinner |w| Planker (Sorry @Integer will keep that in mind for next time)
  4. When item id's go outdated, is it Trillez that need to update these id's or each and every individual script? I have this idea in my head that Trillez can update the client to project each new item id as it was previously. But yeah im only new to scripting
  5. I need help with my cooking script, i can bank and run to the cooking range and back to the bank without flaw but when it comes to cooking the item thats where im stuck, i can click on the range but i dont know how to enter a number
  6. Does this script just not work on free to play worlds? everytime i start it, logs me
  7. Yeah ill buy all add me on skype ab.jnr41
  8. Hey all you miners, if the clay industry is a bit slow on turning over profit, try the coal industry. BUYING ALL COAL @ [195-210gp] ADD me on skype to work out arrangements: ab.jnr41 PM me with usernames if you would prefer do business that way. Hopefully looking for some keen sellers
  9. how much each? if you havent found a buyer
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