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  1. While the bot has ABCL10 built in and sleeping is normal, I assume you're talking about a never-ending state of idle? Could you post a screenshot of the screen with the bot's paint visible in the location it occurs? I have never had any such issue.


    yea if i can catch it definitely will. it happens every time i run the script. the bot lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hr and 30 minutes. the bot dies everytime i run it. ive resorted to accepting that it will die and i run it without any pouches (why waste the time when it can die at anytime). i get like ~700 runes an hr which is kind of annoying considering i have to reset it up every time. it hasn't worked for me properly since early november. this script used to be the best thing on this site. 


    i have java up to date. which java version should i be using? i dont understand how it can be working fine for you and im having such a shitty time  :(



    EDIT: I switched the version again last night and it ran for ~3 hrs!! WOW!! I'm going to test some more, but if this is fixed for me then im going to take down my other posts and put a helpful one up. For anyone who gets in my situation. Im soo happy right now I cant describe it :D

  2. yeah guys i wouldn't use this script right now. I've found myself stuck 3 times at the altar, east of it with 2 glorys in my pack 1 uncharged and 1 charged. Just standing there doing nothing but getting reported. If you value your account I'd hold off on botting until it's fixed. GL


    Yes, it is very hard to use this script for more than 2 hrs before it goes to sleep. Have to babysit every 2 hrs to keep them going at 800 per/hr if Im lucky. no pots or pouches, just tabs. 

  3. Also the bot doesn't seem to take the emergency teleport into account while it's in this "sleep mode" it just completely stop doing anything; and when it does try to teleport it doesn't spam teleport to house as a person would it clicks it once and maybe again 10 secs later..


    yea it's kind of annoying.. took me 7 inventories to get three pouches back ugh. I'm going to try not using stam pots. I know i'll be taking a loss in terms of efficiency but I haven't botted or 3 days because I didn't want to get my pouches back (it has taken me forever recently to get them to drop). I really hope this stuff can get sorted out. I legit killed it with this script before and tbh i never thought I would have issues with it :(

  4. Hey USA let me first say i absolutely love this script.. The set up menu is wonderful and easy to use and the bot runs very well. Recently however I've been having trouble with my bot dying quite often (everytime i run the script for more than 2 hrs). I have 70 att str def and hp. I have 60 agility and mining as well thinking that intstead of using using wc that mining would get me out of the combat zone more quickly. I use rings of life in hopes of not having to go back to the abyss and get pouches all over again but after the first ring of life is used up it goes back to edgeville and starts the process of dying all over again  :( I also have emergency teleport option checked and have moved it to %40 HP recently to try and keep the bot from dying. i adore this script and have had it running on weaker accounts flawlessly without incidents before. However, I really don't get much out of it when i always come back to a dead bot in lumby with no pouches. Here is the log from my most recent death 

    • [14:27:50] ----- Trip #61 -----
    • [14:27:50] Removed Obstacle at (3060, 4830, 0)
    • [14:27:52] Found Squeeze-through at (3057, 4821, 0)
    • [14:27:52] --------------------
    • [14:29:00] Oh dear, you are dead!
    • [14:29:34] Script Ended: USA Abyss Runecrafter. 

    Not sure how much that helps but i hope it does. I have a suggestion (i am not a programmer or an expert just a loyal botter) perhaps allow the bot to retrieve a new ring of life and equip it while it eats and pots up? Ring of Life is sorta expensive but I would buy a 100 of them if it meant I wouldnt have to keep manually reacquiring pouches  :-/ Mainly though I would like to know how I can keep my bot alive! :lol:  i use tele tabs and mounted glory, stam pots and lobsters for food. I hope this enough info mate.  :heart:

  5. Hey is there a way to make it so this bot will use more than the same area it always uses? I really like this bot a lot but it always uses the same side and i believe that makes it very very noticeable. I lost 2 accounts but tbh this script has been magnificent and it runs very efficiently. If it could be a little bit less predictable I think it would be well on track to being much more invisible again :D 

  6. Chain bans are SO common, it's happened to me twice now. (Separate IPs , 3 accounts at a time)

    Sorry for your loss though man, that really blows.


    Do you know how they can detect the accounts even if you use them on different IP's? I lost 8 bots in a day and they were across 4 different IP's which kind of pissed me off. Why even bother with buying a proxy server if you are still gonna get fucked? This happened months ago but im still salty.

  7. Loving this script! It has been having trouble since the update this morning though. I start it with the inventory empty and next to the bank chest and it goes to empty the sack even though I don't have any ores in it. It will sit there and repeat the process over and over. I tried to get a full inventory of pay dirt and starting the script there and it washed the ores off and banked them. However, it came straight back to clicking the empty sack over and over. 


    I love the way this thing works when it's clicking the right things because I love this script!

  8. In my experience botting, I've found it safer to go for longer periods at a time straight than a few session throughout the day. Minimizing exposure time to players, jmods, etc. if you just power through. Use whatever techniques you like though, these are just my recommendations. 


    That's an awesome piece of wisdom. I'll be getting this script when I get my next paycheck :D thanks USA!

  9. Is this a script I could make a bot do a task like say, pull out an inventory of buckets milk a cow for the whole inventory, then churn the buckets into butter and bank. then repeat? That is a similar example to the ideas I have in mind for using this script and it would appear that it is possible after reading your good information at the beginning of this thread, but I can never just assume things like that. Your feedback is greatly appreciated <3

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