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  1. I'm guessing if you bot correctly/safely you could go undetected for as long as you want. His bots are some of the best on the site.
  2. How can I tell which version I am buying? In the item description it says the price is $8 but is that for the runite edition or standard? How much is the Runite edition?
  3. Overall good update! Still having trouble with the gravedigger random event. I like to bury bones and it gets stuck very frequently. If there is a better way to report this or need more information please let me know.
  4. Yea I have lost 15 accounts in the last 2 days and that is with incredibly conservative breaks set up. I wish I knew what was happening but my gold farm that was so promising has been decimated.. it's kind of surreal. I used individual proxies for each bot I ran but they were all raped mercilessly. Fuck
  5. I use a unique proxy for each account i bot with and conservative breaks as well. This last night 8 of my accounts got banned. Unfortunately for me my bots are kinda epic and take about 12 days each to get ready for gold farming so this kinda shit kills my determination to try gold farming. Ive basically tried everything to keep this shit safe but Jagex has REALLY stepped up their game. Gg
  6. This bot constantly tell me [16:42:52] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. even though I only have 2 accounts running. I know that I only have two accounts running. I try to get the third and final bot going and it says this. It will happen even when I only have 1 of my 3 running. This annoys the hell out of me as I have to wait 5-10 minutes for it reset everytime. Also with the logout it won't go to a safe area which I understand is a bit complicated but my bots die because they end up sitting there taking damage. Other than this the bot runs very well. I love the webwalking and the banking.
  7. [22:10:04] We are attempting to solve the Jekyll random.[22:10:07] We are in combat and a random event has spawned. Waiting 4-6 seconds to leave combat.[22:10:12] We are still in combat. Attempting to run away.[22:10:30] Jekyll: Clicked Dr Jekyll[22:10:40] Jekyll: (1) Null Chat[22:11:49] We failed to solve the Jekyll random. (1)[22:11:59] Script Ended: wCombat AIO Premium. It is failing the Jekyll random. heres the client debug.
  8. Thanks for the update! I love your bot service
  9. Hey, I love your script and believe it is of high quality for combat botting. I am running into a slight error i havent had before. I only have 1 instance of the bot running and when i try to get my other 2 running neither of them work I get a message saying [22:24:12] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. which is weird because I only have 1 instance running. Anything I can try to do to fix? I have already closed all my bot clients and tried to set them up again but same error.
  10. hey, that sucks that its not running right now but dont worry it will be working properly soon bro. This is the best runecrafting script and it usually runs flawless for my for over 24 hrs. There was an update this morning that has fudged things up so just stay tuned buddy.
  11. I just spent a long time setting up the Logic for this script and now I am trying to Save the finished product. Everytime I click Save it does not do anything. This is fairly urgent.
  12. The script doesn't show up in my list in the client. I re-purchased my monthly payment for this bot only a few weeks ago. What could be causing this?
  13. Will this script work inside of the stronghold of security? Will it bank and return without issues? This is the main reason I would buy this bot and kind of need to know before throwing down $20
  14. What is the state of this bot right now? Im looking to get a premium combat or slayer script and im thinking about getting this one.
  15. Hey warfront I love you nature support for this bot i know you are swamped with the update but I want to report that the bot has trouble entering the ruins for fairy ring nature rune method. it doesn't take long to see the problem if you run it for a few minutes. keep up the great work!
  16. Hey warfront! I'm loving your fairy ring method for nature runes! the problem with the wheat field barely happens anymore and im getting really good profits from it. one thing however is the spiders near the ring actually hit my character (cb lvl 58) and over time they can actually kill the bot which really sucks. Would it be hard to add a food option? Even if only allowed for lobsters that would be more than sufficient I would think. I hope this is not to difficult and thanks again for an amazing script i will keep resubbing for this runecrafting forever.
  17. What happened to james and who is james lol?
  18. I have no idea why trolling runescape is even a thing at this pooint... if you are truly as elite as they think they are why not troll big games and not waste time with such a little game... i understood ddosers in private worlds but this? barely 100k ppl online and they take it down. why the hell is that something to be proud of.
  19. Hey Warfront! I just wanna say quickly that your runecrafting script is the best i have. and ive used them all on this site. The new fairy rings crafting for nature runes is spectacular with only one real problem ive encountered so far. I end up in the wheat field in zanaris just east of the fairy ring. It kind of stinks but other than that I have had a good 11 hr session that it didnt happen. Just something to maybe check and see about. thanks soo much for fairy rings mate!
  20. Does this script make use of the tool leprecaun? Also I am trying the tutorial and it's not really encouraging. I have everything set up in the top row of my bank and it won't take the 2 different types of seeds i have selected to plant and it withdrew one of them and then just sits there. I set it up exactly as you say to. I understand this is probably the most complex script on the site, but idk why it wont work properly.
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