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  1. looking for 2 bonds
  2. sometimes it clicks on note button if items in bank are near, scripter said its human mouse implement fault
  3. could it run only my data? too many missclick with public pool
  4. rokasfn

    buying 6m

    Are you buying occasionally or just one time buyer?
  5. Add Me on skype for more info, After filling out this form: added What package VPS are purchasing? burn3 Which Bot do you want me to install on your vps? tribot Have you added me on skype? yes
  6. rokasfn


    does Tutorial island works well?
  7. Order Form: How many Tor ports (one is free): 1 Have you added me on Skype: Yes Do you agree with my T.O.S.: Yes Loan Form: Do you agree with the Loan T.O.S.: (Y/N) Yes How much money will you pay me back: 3.5M + depends on usefulness
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