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  1. I Will offer you for your gps. Just added you on skype!
  2. xdrogbax

    buy 80m 07

    Bump still need 55m
  3. xdrogbax

    buy 80m 07

    Bump still need to buy ~55m
  4. E L V I A N, I mahatma I, I spiili I, Fear Figment, Skullator
  5. xdrogbax

    buy 80m 07

    Bump still buying
  6. xdrogbax

    buy 80m 07

    buying 80m 07, i know im not that trusted, ill go first to trusted people. looking to pay around 2,8$-3,2$ per mill. payment method: bank transfer post on here, or pm me ur skype
  7. Im thinking of buying this but i have some questions: Does it lose hits? Are max hits taken into account when calculating your chances of winning?
  8. Hey I wanna make a new staking account but I'm wondering at what combat the most stakers are. I was thinking of getting around 80 combat
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