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  1. Just got it going on doing magic longbows (u) but just wanted to let you know the paint isn't working. Also a little qol update for the script could be to use the number input in the make all menu interface instead of clicking it every time. Just seems a lil less sus ahah
  2. Yeah i'm just retarded and didn't run the trial. used a free one that worked for what I needed and just assumed this one would be like that but better ahah. I understand the outlasting part but I wasn't looking to outspeed human interaction just something to be comparable to what a human semi afk powerchopping teaks would be like. My suggestion still stands as adding it in as an option if you're aiming to provide an aio woodcutter premium script. Along with that guys suggestion below about wcing farm patches ahah.
  3. Just bought to use to grind out a Master clue requirement so i'll see how it goes over the next little bit but a nice little feature add on would the option to use the Dragon Axes special attack? Also could there be maybe a separate mouse speed option for dropping the logs? Like in reality I'm not instant clicking the trees but when I'd be shift dropping the logs I do it really fast ahah. For example I had mosue speed set to max, 500, and reaction time down to 15 yet it was very slow in my opinion at dropping Also it will double click a tree if I have the mouse speed that high ahah Can I actually get a refund, I ended up training manually to get it faster. I thought this would powerchop which it did not ahah
  4. A script that reloads/repairs your cannon and will alch at the same time. Making a baby pure and it would be amazing to have
  5. Epar

    Slash's Bond Shop

    Are you [b]uying or elling bonds? - Buying How many bonds are you buying/selling? - 1 Have you added me on skype? - Just did, keegan.maci Payment method? - papypal??
  6. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21457-auto-fletcher-elite/page-15#entry578730 I also just added you on skype to add the banking
  7. Trying to cut gems with the script it was very slow and then didn't move the mouse to the uncut sapphire, then proceeded to try to continuously use the chisel with the uncut sapphire once I manually moved my cursor over the chisel. Can you please update this ?
  8. My bot likes to stop after a half or hour an hour saying "The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0" I only have 1 account, i'm also not even at the computer at the time of this occurring.
  9. I found the script won't open the potion room door if it closes and will spam click the minimap trying to get over to the animated room. Also,is it possible for an option to have it use a specific potion, like I was planning on just using super attacks and dbaxe to spec.
  10. Epar

    Ip question

    Hey do you think it'll be a red flag if I am to bot on a proxy but play legit on a potentially flagged ip because I like playing legit in the osbuddy client but it doesnt support sock5 proxies unless there is a way for it too, which id be happy to learn
  11. Epar

    Ip question

    So im at a camp working in Northern Alberta but when I first came out i started playing runescape again and made an account and it got banned overnight when i botted gnome agility with a premium script, but I didnt do anything else to the account. So when I went back to Edmonton I made a new account and it was going good and then I came back out to this camp and botted spinning flax but the bot fucked up and i ended up getting a 2 day bot busting ban. So then I made a new account and been playing legit/botting but am gonna be 100x more cautious with what I bot and not any methods that people use to goldfarm, (I just wanted crafting xp). So my question is do you think this camp ip is flagged, and would it matter if I were to purchase a proxy to bot on and play legit on the camp ip because I want to use osbuddy unless someone tells me how to run a proxy with osbuddy.
  12. Just purchased 5m off this fine gentleman with an e-transfer and it went smooth and quick
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