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  1. Script is broken for me enters zulrah goes to begin spot then does nothing, second phase spawns starts spam clicking to get into position and then just dies to the second fase, and refuses to continue to bank on lumbridge bank 3rd floor. Please fix it :/ I tried everything deleting hooks.dat restarting client alot of times, none worked.
  2. getting this error, http://prntscr.com/gycirp can anyone please help me out trying out the trial of the script i want to buy it but can't get the script to work
  3. Just got unbanned from a 2 day ban, and i want to bot zulrah again, anyone has any suggestions on how long i should bot ?
  4. I did send u a copy of the debug can you take a look at it ?, PS had one of my longest sessions now... finally the bot didn't stop in 6 hour max http://prntscr.com/gvykbm
  5. Anyone knows why it keeps doing this... script was running for like 3 hours... http://prntscr.com/gvoa2u
  6. Well got another issue... it now logs out (out of combat timer) it's on 7mins i use zul-andra teles to tp. Bot has done 1 kill in the picture, and is going for second but for some reason it did not take the boat http://prntscr.com/gveitw http://prntscr.com/gvejgn
  7. http://prntscr.com/guwvzk http://prntscr.com/guwwdd
  8. let me give you this as example, i just did this kill : http://prntscr.com/guwu70 Look at the supplies, the bot still teles away
  9. And theres 1 more ''problem'' i have multikill enabled, i bring like 14 sharks and 4 karambwans with me, at the end of the kill i have like 3 karambwans left over and about 8-10 food, but it doesn't go back to do another kill it just teles back to clan wars, bot does this too when i've only used like 3 food... any ideas why ?
  10. Hey i run the script when im sleeping with breaks but everytime i wake up i see it shut down, any idea why it does this ? Client debug : http://prntscr.com/guorul Btw got zulrah pet on 415 kc, <3 this script 10/10 : >http://prntscr.com/guos18 >http://prntscr.com/guos5b
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