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  1. Name:John Age:20 Location:US Availability(in GMT):20+ hrs a week. Forum Profile:Barrows Skype:blistexpb
  2. This guys been selling me gold for a while, he was legit in that aspect. He then talked me into buying his gold farming method, stating "The method is unbanable, it takes a hour to set up, you'll make 100k/hr doing the method." After 2 days of running the script, 2 of the 5 accounts I made were banned My main was also banned, which I've been playing legit for 5 years, never botted, level 122 Maxed with 190 qp and almost every skill over 70+. (PERMANENTLY) I never ran the script on my main, the only relation between the botted accounts was money transferred over and items transferred
  3. I'll start it off if anyone want's to bet with me. Fighter betting for:Floyd Amount being betted: 5m Rsgp or 22$ Skype:Blistexpb
  4. I'm considering to lower it to 5% if that helps. I can proove 100m+ worth of wealth i've been trusted with also, i've had a verified service in the past.
  5. Clearly says proceeds are "held" by me. I'm just taking 10% of each bet.
  6. I'm more than trusted, look at my feedback mate. I've also got Powerbot Rep if you wanna go there.
  7. Starting up this thread for the Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Fight, All proceeds are guaranteed and will be held by me until the fight is over. Here's how it works: User 1 will put up they're bet underneath this thread. User 2 will match that bet or i will find a match for you. Proceeds will be given to me until the fight is over and dealt out by me. I will take a 10% commission from each bet. Rules: No changing bets once placed No scamming.. (well you can't scam) Copy and Paste this underneath & add my Skype if interested: Blistexpb (ask for a pm before adding) Fighter betting for: Amo
  8. Add me on skype: Blistexpb Rates are negotiable, we'll type over skype.
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