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  1. This guys been selling me gold for a while, he was legit in that aspect. He then talked me into buying his gold farming method, stating "The method is unbanable, it takes a hour to set up, you'll make 100k/hr doing the method." 


    After 2 days of running the script, 2 of the 5 accounts I made were banned 

    My main was also banned, which I've been playing legit for 5 years, never botted, level 122 Maxed with 190 qp and almost every skill over 70+. (PERMANENTLY)


    I never ran the script on my main, the only relation between the botted accounts was money transferred over and items transferred over from using the script.


    I requested a $120 refund which is what i paid for the method and Stan told me "That's not my problem"












    He also guaranteed me that the script was flawless, in which it wasn't.





    Video link for more proofs:


  2. Starting up this thread for the Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Fight, All proceeds are guaranteed and will be held by me until the fight is over.


    Here's how it works:

    User 1 will put up they're bet underneath this thread.

    User 2 will match that bet or i will find a match for you.

    Proceeds will be given to me until the fight is over and dealt out by me.

    I will take a 10% commission from each bet.



    No changing bets once placed

    No scamming.. (well you can't scam)


    Copy and Paste this underneath & add my Skype if interested: Blistexpb (ask for a pm before adding)


    Fighter betting for:

    Amount being betted:




    Hopefully this is successful and we can keep this thread up for future bets such as NBA games, NFL games, NBA games etc etc.


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