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  1. Zoos Bond Shop Add my skype for a bond Skype: bunnyking96 In stock: 25
  2. add my skype to negotiate prices got 50k of fungus atm skype: bunnyking96
  3. Add skype osoarrogant2f
  4. i get around 2-4k a day will sell for 8700 each if you be a daily buyer pm me on here
  5. still buying i will pay 1500-1550 each
  6. I am looking for: Maple / Yew / Magic Logs Bowstring All ores All types of Bars All UNIDS / CLEAN HERBS Nature Runes/Law Runes/Blood Runes/Death runes Raw / Cooked Lobsters , Sharks . Green dragonhide Also interested in other stuff just comment below Add me on skype if you got anything Skype: bunnyking96
  7. Barrows

    Bulk Sale

    what is your skype? i am interested in a couple of stuff that you could or may not have
  8. message me on here or add me on skype: bunnyking96 we can discuss prices over skype or on here
  9. I will buy all of your dhide and will be a permanent buyer please add me on Skype: bunnyking96 We will discuss prices over Skype thanks!!
  10. I am buying all green dragonhide for 1600 each message me on skype: bunnyking96 or pm me on here
  11. Buying them 900-1k each Please no guams, marrentil, and tarromin Reply below or message me on Skype bunnyking96
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