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  1. Well, after 30M of total experience botting there are a few tips that I want to share to not get banned by Jagex Botwatch, tips I believe are objective: This is the most important fact when botting: Jagex has ethics so, their botwatch will never ban you unless it is 100% sure you are a bot. 99% does not matter if they are going to apply a ban into an account (even more after that incident in which thousands of legit players got banned after botany bay). - Jagex botwatch calculates argorithms across time and replicable actions across players and locations. - Always use scripts with ABC2 10/10, if not, do not even consider using that script at all. - Never bot more than 5 hours straight without human intervention (at least 1 minute of legit gameplay between 5 hours of botting will do it). This is a huge mislead to Jagex's botwatch. Scripters do a great job but that doesn't mean they can emulate at max efficiency a human behavior after 12 hours straight of botting without actual human intervention. The more you bot without human intervention, the closer you are to get banned by botwatch. - Never in high density location of bots, this will increase your chance to get matched with other players actions (and they might be bots using the same script as yours, which will cause a ban). - Use roleplaying nicknames to your account, this misleads actual players from reporting you. "Frodo" sounds more legit than "93flag0" I believe that will do it.
  2. Add your own choice if you don't find it.
  3. i am looting runes and seeds from mobs in very long sessions without banking with a full inventory of food, and bot does not pickup runes/seeds that are already in my inventory because all slots from my inventory are occuped with food and runes/seeds although these can be looted with full inventory because its an accumulative item (same as gold). i don't take pics because i've already been permabanned from uploading pics into a botting site. thank you.
  4. cellphone and computer.
  5. let's take that as a yes. even if Jagex bans legit gameplay on a flagged IP, same logic can apply to botting in high risk areas such as cowhides/chickens/tutorial island. if an anti-bot is efficient enough we should test it in high risk botting-ban areas of the game to make its technology unbanneable to the point in which Jagex's botwatch cannot detect it even using most of its resources. we combat fire with fire.
  6. programming AI basically consists in meta-models of behavior. so, if a human does actually click on a screen, it is a model of behavior. what's your point? just to ensure that your fragile ego doesn't get touched or to have a discussion?
  7. main problem between me and him is what we mean by "predictable movements". let's suppose an OSRS screen has 480.000 pixels (800x600). the probability one has to click twice in the same pixel after a mouse drift is almost impossible (unless there is no mouse drift and you are clicking twice in the same spot) when these "impossible" patterns add and match with each other, you are flagged. it is not about "predictable movements" in what you do (i.e. killing same mobs for hours in the same location, using the same items and food) but what is the randomness between these predictable movements (not clicking the same 1/480000 pixel after mouse drifts, not moving the camera the exact same ammount of time, etc)
  8. I believe you intentionally skipped the "range" and "spectrum" part of my analysis. absolute randomness it is impossible to recreate without strings attached to it (because it creates infinite variables and probabilities that cannot be reproducible). that is why every pattern must be random WITHIN a range/spectrum in which that randomness it is executed. obviously this is purely theoretical because your positivistic determinism was proven to be flawed within AI because researches and scientists do not have a clue about how consciousness works to mimic it within an AI system. this happens because consciousness do not follow any predeterminated or reproducible function, and researchers contradict each other in any empirical evidence trying to disprof it. mostly because positive empiricism do not have the theoretical tools to approach such a complex phenomena that quantum mechanics or theoretical physicists do (i.e. in quantum computers a number can be overlapsed, same happens with an electron behaving as a wave and particle at the same time in quantum physics).
  9. my proposition is that we should leave beliefs aside (such as breaking habits or doing quests), and try to approach a logic or an epistemological reasoning behind Jagex AI
  10. the key is to create an spectrum and range of every possible click, movement of camera and choices. this creates a chaotic and non-reproducible actions that might follow a large scale pattern (clicking a mob or item) but it doesn't fall into any possible low-scale pattern (same clicks, same movements, same velocities, same attempts, same logic for choices, without any range or spectrum of action. i.e. clicking randomly in a 20 coordenated location of a mob in a random mouse velocity between a range in a random linear movement between another range towards that click location randomly choosed). in other words, creating random patterns within a range inside other random patterns within a range, inside other random patterns between a range creates the sense of a human behavior. i don't think there's any judge and jury for this. Jagex AI determines if your actions fit a 0,0001% probabilities to be made by a human (checking your low-scale patterns) and you get banned once you access to that % automatically (there are no mods checking users, unless special cases). i am not familiar with ABC2 10/10, but I supose it recreates some of these chaotic non-reproducible patterns. ban from botting obviously comes from low-scale reproducible patterns.
  11. 7 years ago I botted an almost maxed account in RS3 24/7 until I got banned after botting in a high density bot location. my hypothesis is that Jagex anti-bot system don't care about breaks or how many quests you've done. botting has almost everything to do with statistics of patterns. what is "possible" and what is "impossible" coming from a pattern logic. the more you approach the "impossible" spectrum you get flagged and eventually banned. for example, if your bot clicks on the same spot at the same time following the same synchronization, you are getting near the "impossible" spectrum (i.e. right clicking in the same location of the screen after moving the camera to the same direction twice in 10 minutes. or logging in and logging out at the same time twice). this moves you towards an "impossible" spectrum of what is possible coming from a pattern. a human would always make possible patterns because those patterns never fit with each other, camera movements, clicks, etc never match with each other. the moment it matches, means that an "impossible" pattern is being created and that is associated to a bot. because only bots creates patterns that matches with each other. a human does not. another thing is high density bot location. the more you bot in places that are currently used for bots, the more Jagex Anti-Bot watch will make an effort to unleash your "impossible" patterns (because these places are well known by Jagex staff).
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