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  1. Yes, nowhere in that line does it say they are supported. It says all those monsters listed are locked behind high slayer requirements
  2. There's not a single spot on the main thread that this advertises it can do Demonics? I'm confused as to why you assumed it did
  3. I'm definitely a fan of how the client looks with dark mode
  4. Well, its not pretty, but its transportaion Congratz on the gains
  5. https://community.tribot.org/topic/80933-openosrs-java-8-build-lg-compatibile/
  6. Nice! We've been in need of a Farming script
  7. Your assumption is correct If the 2 licenses was meant to expire on the 20th, it will and the 5 licenses will expire whenever it is supposed too, e.g the 30th
  8. The "Client Paint Delay" is what you'd change to help reduce cpu usage. This however, also reduces script performance
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