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  1. Hey, I'd like to buy 50m OSRS gp via paypal. If you're trusted, I'm willing to go first. Add me on discord: davy#1618
  2. Are you still out of stock? If not, discord: davy#1618
  3. It's $5?! It says $10 for me ? I wish it was $5, I'll buy it in a snap
  4. have never been banned and yes it does (just look at my sig)
  5. Was hoping for $4.99 but that's me being greedy haha Thanks
  6. @Worthy Any plans to lower the cost of this script? Bought this script when it offered Lifetime but since: I don't have it anymore. I can see the reasoning behind it but paying $15 has me thinking that I'll need to play (since this isn't a bot) at least 10 hours of straight zulrah just to earn my money back in terms of rsgp is a bit demotivating. I would rather spend those 10 hours refreshing my memory and re-memorizing the patterns on my own.
  7. Edit: Nevermind, restarted tribot and everything worked lol
  8. I got 99 range and during that time I had armadyl chestplate/chainskirt, nothing was touched. m8. I did blowpipe with void and got 115k xp/h (now 99 range) It's not false adv, your levels are just shit
  9. dude chill It's just a little meme entertainment
  10. Me looking for our downtime compensation
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