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  1. they cant detect it people are just really dumb and play on flagged proxies/vpns
  2. if they can detect the client how come ive been botting smart on like 5 dif accounts for the last month and nothing has happened
  3. First off i wanted to thank you for the amazing script ive botted multiple 90+ combat stats with it on different accounts and when intended got some 48 hour runs some only to be stopped by the occasional failed random! Just have one question when the bot is sleeping or there are no experiments in sight it seems to sometimes spam click the minimap in spots out of the walkable area. Is this intentional?
  4. glad to know im not the only one that is fascinated watching my bot.
  5. just bought a bond smooth and fast
  6. i love this bot. prob one of the most useful bots made right next to autowalkers lol.
  7. just bought a bond fast and easy will be back!
  8. yea regardless if check xp is on or off it will check xp between every actions ive tried many different variations of settings
  9. Script worked really great until tribot went down yesterday. Now no matter what options i put in it will check hunter xp between every action making it very slow picking up boxes so i get under 100 chins an hour, am i doing something wrong? btw when i had it working for me it was way better than all the other chin scripts, faster and more reliable.
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