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  1. quick and easy!!!! amazing job no hastle what so ever very easy going, got ahold of almost instantly and streamed it for me
  2. main problem is we need random fixed and working just got banned from them not working
  3. mines banking fine, try re downloading/re opening the client normally needed after an update
  4. honestly kids stfu before the thread gets locked again there's a message box for a reason for people like you to inbox each other now gtfo thank you
  5. 2 green mask so far hoping for better lol already bought blue and red though so I would have the set encase I didn't get em
  6. lol nvm just seen that you updated I redownloaded like 5 mins ago my bad
  7. just redownloaded it wont click alta :/ just stands there once it gets there
  8. wooooot after a total of 3212 hops my first pumpkin <3
  9. I swear falador hairdresser sucks, varrock museum sucks, gonna try legends guild again
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