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  1. The only fault I do believe I have made is not mentioning to change the password for the client - I was unaware that I hadn't mentioned it, I believed I had as I usually do.


    Please explain to my why I would risk my business though, just for a few pixels in a game I don't even play anymore?


    Also, snoop around? What.

  2. you suggested with the workspaces thing and it didn't work. so i have to right to chargeback.

    And you tried this when exactly? Was this before or after you removed me from skype and took your money back? I don't remember any of this. 

    Even so, you didn't really seem keen on hearing my advice - you just wanted your cash back since you got banned.

  3. you said the vps would be able to run 10 bots and i tried the vps, it uses 90% cpu on 5 Bots. so ofcourse i ask for refund you said it would be able to run close to 10.

    5 is not close.

    Explain why you removed me from skype and chargebacked - you gave me no time to resolve your issues.

  4. Scammer's Username: RuniteOreBotter01

    Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/user/117536-runiteorebotter01/

    Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype

    Chat Username(If Applicable)*: robin.goossens7

    Describe in detail in your words what happened:


    He purchased a VPS from me, ran it for like an hour - became unhappy when an account he was running got banned. Asked for a refund which I obviously refused to give as there was not a sufficient reason to grant one - he was banned while using a proxy, therefore the VPS had nothing to do with it and even if it did - bans aren't my concern. So, unhappy with his attempt to get a refund - he removed me from skype and chargebacked the money he sent me. 
























    Anything else you need, just ask. Shouldn't be a problem though, everything is there.

  5. Wouldn't it be easier to compare scripts that do the same thing if they were always next to each other? I don't really see what you're saying, maybe if you could explain it better I would understand. Also, 2 extra pages that people normally never view makes it a lot harder to get your script out there.

    Correct in a way, yeah.

    When I said compare I mean methods. Like, it's difficult to explain how I look for a script. They aren't necessarily compared against each other because they are the same skill or method ect.

    I like to be able to compare popularity of scripts and the method/profit rather than compare two scripts of the same type.

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