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  1. I cleared everything JAG related off my computer, then loaded RS and I received that error.Close everything and load multiple TRiBot clients and voila - problem solved.
  2. Remove stickies, or add criteria.
  3. I personally don't even make the email account.
  4. I'll buy multiple if you go first, considering you have 0 feedback.
  5. itsLubey

    buying vip

    [11:01:18 PM] Augustinas: please post my thread
  6. If you still need it, I've just opened up a shop. | https://tribot.org/forums/topic/33670- Will easily fill your needs.
  7. Scripts running amazingly, anti-ban is god. I used a competitors script on another account for the same run-time and at the same location - it's now banned. This is the premiere fishing script on these forums in my eyes.
  8. I used ihubbabubba and sythebawsz before I started my own swapping business. :3
  9. Ouch, woulda been some bulk profit if you got to sell that account or just the gold even.
  10. Depends on what you're paying.
  11. I always used your free scripts when I was new to botting, I now gold-farm on a large scale and I'm coming back to you.. Do me proud. :3
  12. Getting bans with this script, using a competitors script and not suffering bans - may want to work the antiban or something.
  13. figured i'd try to sell the shit ones off for more. then again, i'm posting here - everybody will have the debug inven.
  14. I've got massive amounts of 10stack unids. PM me if you'd be interested in purchasing them. :3 This will be a long-term thing too, I'm always gonna have them. One time traders are welcome.
  15. Got 10 stacks, anyone else who wants them feel free to pm me.
  16. I'm going to assume the script has been fixed considering you're offering a sale?
  17. I'll be purchasing roughly 30k salmon daily, if you're a bulk seller PM me here on tribot and we'll discuss things.
  18. Still getting the nullpointer: http://gyazo.com/44086751989a8cc5fe5a907457d41bdd http://gyazo.com/696ced07cdd0773f5a4892032196ae50
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